The A15 processor is still strong

2022-07-27 0 By

Since 2010 A4, a-series chips have become one of the biggest selling points of iPhone due to their excellent performance, and this iPhone 13 series is also equipped with the latest A15 bionic chip without exception.The A15 bionic processor in the iPhone 13 still uses the 5nm process, but the number of transistors integrated inside has increased from 11.8 billion to 15 billion, resulting in a significant increase in performance and energy efficiency.The six-core processor design includes two performance cores and four energy efficient cores, further increasing the data processing advantage to 50%.On the GPU side, the iPhone 13’s A15 chip comes with a quad-core GPU, which lacks a GPU core compared to the Pro series, which could have an impact in some scenarios where graphics performance is required.In terms of performance, iPhone13 is equipped with apple A15 processor chip, which is the most powerful processor chip in the entire mobile phone industry at present, and its combat effectiveness is undoubtedly.No matter what type of game it is used to play, it can basically run the frame number smoothly. Moreover, with the help of the iOS system, the user friendly operation experience is still comfortable, and I don’t feel accusers after changing the phone. The key is that iPhone13 supports 5G dual mode, which is also the core motivation for me to change the phone.In terms of battery life, I personally feel the iPhone13 is much better than the iPhone XR, with officials claiming it can play video for 19 hours straight.Of course, I haven’t tried, but I think it’s not a big problem to charge once a day, and the power is very durable, but also supports 20W fast charge, which greatly improves the charging speed.The new iPhone13 has a higher-spec camera module with a dual 12-megapixel rear camera, wide-angle and ultra-wide-angle lenses, as well as a 7P lens module for better camera capability at night and even optical image stabilization with a displacement sensor.The video recording effect is also very good, basically can replace the previous use of micro cameras.Still, while the iPhone13’s camera is many times more powerful than the iPhone XP’s, it’s clearly lagging behind the flagship Android phones at the same price point.