Shenzhen electronic Sentry face recognition health code temperature control machine, verification only 0.3 seconds

2022-07-27 0 By

Electronic sentinel striking in the shenzhen resistance to disease, at present, the electronic guard has been used in shenzhen, the city launched more than 300 village, part of the railway stations, airports, docks, ports, checkpoints, community, business super, schools, hospitals and other places of key also configuration has been completed, further improves the precision of the epidemic prevention, level of refinement, management, human nature,To help realize digitalization of epidemic prevention and informationization of management.Julon electronic Sentry series has 6 products, they are: the fourth generation of face recognition health code temperature measurement access control machine, the third generation of health code face temperature measurement all-in-one machine, offline health code verification machine, handheld electronic sentry, bus code scanning box and health code scanning pier.Electronic Sentry series products are health code terminal verification and epidemic prevention and control products with high appearance, high performance and high stability.According to on-site testing by staff, “E-Sentry” series of products can support a variety of intelligent verification methods, such as scanning Yuekang code, “Sheni You” health code, swiping ID card, face recognition and so on, to identify residents’ health code status, nucleic acid sampling, vaccination, temperature, identity and other information.It can also automatically alarm abnormal situations according to the requirements set for epidemic prevention, remind on-site management personnel to deal with them in time, and upload relevant information to effectively improve the efficiency of epidemic prevention and improve the level of epidemic prevention safety management.