Nobody in the movie “Once upon a Time in Northeast China my Name is Huang Zhonghua”

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“Once upon a time in Northeast China, MY name is Huang Zhonghua” directed by Liu He, Kong Ergou, Yin Chao supervisor, Liu Ben, Cui Di, Su Yi, Alice, Cao Rui, Liang Long, Zhang Junhan starring in the film, the film portrays a low-level nobody Huang Zhonghua.Timid and cowardly, the northeast youth Huang Zhonghua that dangle becomes (Liu Ben is acted the role of) mix with track at game hall, want children to hand in pocket money, be surrendered by Sun Hongbing however.And the black evil force leader Chen Weidong pay factory director loan usury, also hanged him in the pocket dozen, forced him to hand over the factory.Poor dancer MAO Qin (Alice) has been following Chen Weidong, because she owed Chen Weidong’s money, can not return, can only follow him.Huang Zhonghua wants to stand out, accepted the task of eldest brother Li Old stick, want a videotape to Chen Weidong.See Chen Weidong, he was coerced, the top of the head hit the bottle, the key moment was saved by MAO Qin.Huang Zhonghua falls in love with Maoqin, but She doesn’t like him.Huang Zhonghua made a videotape and gave it to Li Lao Stick.Li Lao stick let him watch the clothing stall, business.He goes up to catch up with MAO Qin, consult “affection tutor” Sun Dawei (Cao Rui is acted the role of), when the boss that does business with Chen Weidong pursues MAO Qin, solved for MAO Qin surround, still riding a motorcycle to repair a car shop, drink, drink midnight, drunk.To MAO Qin home, MAO Qin and Huang Zhonghua sleep, but Huang Zhonghua refused to comply.Maoqin’s father said that she was a poor child, huang Zhonghua and Maoqin good benefits.Huang Zhonghua did not catch up with MAO Qin according to the strategy of sun Dawei of blind tutor, discover the Sun Dawei of eye skillful in song and dance hall however.Sun Dawei is not blind, but deliberately blind to cheat money.He gave Huang Zhonghua an idea, want Huang Zhonghua to pay off his father’s debts for MAO Qin.It turned out that MAO Qin’s father sold flowers and borrowed money from Chen Weidong. After losing money and failing to pay back the debt, MAO Qin would pay off his debts for him.Huang Zhonghua want to pay for Maoqin, let Li Old stick about Chen Weidong for himself, to put the maoqin debt on his body.Li old stick don’t let Chen Weidong intervene in the factory, want him to leave a way for workers to live.Huang Zhonghua collects rubbish, carry big bag, want to earn money to repay debt.His friends left him, unwilling to work with him, saying that he was fascinated by the instrument.Huang Zhonghua can’t help it, still struggling at the bottom of society.The sorrow of the little man is manifest, but cannot be changed for the time being.Huang Zhonghua could not pay the debt, but was beaten by Chen Weidong.And Li Old stick was also Chen Weidong’s people played, he ran a video hall was also hit.Huang Zhonghua to earn money to buddy, said if he came back late, let buddy take care of mom.Nobody Huang Zhonghua how struggle cannot realize his desire, the decision is desperate, rescue MAO Qin.He went to the factory and did not let Chen Weidong dismantle the machine, but was surrounded by a group of people.Huang Zhonghua’s buddies came to help, but it was of no avail.The key moment, the factory workers come over, said to pay the director has confessed the crime of Chen Weidong, the police are on the way over.MAO Qin as a witness, and Chen Weidong will not be together.Chen Weidong took a dagger to force Huang Zhonghua, but did not know that the dagger is before huang Zhonghua spring dagger, can not hurt.Huang knocked Chen unconscious. The police arrived and arrested Chen.Huang Zhonghua is a low-level nobody, no martial arts, just a rag collector, but in pursuit of but MAO Qin is willing to pay life and Chen Weidong struggle, perhaps for love.Of course, Huang Zhonghua fought against evil in the battle of love and achieved a heroic myth.Who says a hero must be a strong man?Huang Zhonghua is a collect raggedy, can conquer gang boss Chen Weidong actually, besides chance coincidence, it is his courage, and love is the biggest power that inspires his courage.Of course, his heroic rescue of beauty and victory over evil became the main thing preached in the film.Perhaps the potential of people is infinite, but many people do not realize it.The little people are not ordinary, and the so-called big people are not clean.