High standards and strict requirements of great strength xing County solid promotion of rural collective assets “qinghua receive” work

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(Reporter Kang Guifang) In order to thoroughly implement the spirit of the Central Committee, the provincial Party Committee and the Municipal Party Committee on developing and strengthening the rural collective economy and promoting the rural revitalization, Xing County actively promotes the rural collective assets “qinghua collection” special work, with higher standards, more stringent requirements, greater strength, high quality to complete the “qinghua collection” tasks.Raise thought understanding, establish decisive battle to win confidence.Xing County adheres to the “three changes reform” as the starting point, vigorously explores the development mode of collective economy led by the Party branch, takes effective measures to continuously deepen the rural reform and strengthen the rural collective economy, realize the prosperous development of agriculture and rural areas and effective village governance, and create a new situation of rural work.Strengthen organizational leadership and build synergy to overcome difficulties.Xing County adheres to the three-level working system of “county leading, township leading and village main body”, and takes “three inspections, two departments and promotion management” as measures to build a solid organizational “safety net”.”County master grasp” is to establish a joint meeting system, weekly dispatch monthly report, earnestly shoulder the responsibility, increase investment strength, active docking services, closely cooperate with the promotion.”Township leading” highlights the efficient and pragmatic work style, and the townships have set up special work teams to establish a sound inventory, closed-loop working mechanism.At the same time, make full use of the advantages of “village finance and township management” and the strength of the grassroots station, to guide the village self-inspection, carry out a census survey, ensure that the facts are clear, accurate data, towns and townships shoulder the responsibility of promotion management, leading to solve general problems.”Village subject” is fully give play to the role of village party organization, villagers’ meeting, “three will be a lesson” and “thematic party day” stimulate the broad masses of party members to actively participate in “purification” work, seriously cooperate census survey, fully arouse the enthusiasm of the village cadres and outgoing old cadre, whole, through “party member XianFengGang” and so on the way,Actively explain the facts, take the lead in making commitments, actively cooperate in clearing up and properly resolving disputes.Grasp the core focus, to ensure that work results.Xing County is working hard on the establishment of long-term mechanism, perfecting the mechanism of “village finance and township management”, giving full play to the role of township audit and check, exploring the establishment of open competition mechanism, and encouraging sunshine competition.Formulate standard contracts to guide the specific use of townships and rural areas.Notice to use both positive typical cases and standardize the tutorial, the rural collective economic organization standard operation into the rural cadre education training important content, enhance the capacity of rite, head of the village collective economic organizations, also pay attention to the damage will be found in the work of collective economy, damage the interests of the masses and cases timely exposure, reverse writing typical cases, strengthen the warning education.Luliang Daily statement: reprint this article is for the purpose of passing more information.If the source is wrong or violated your legitimate rights and interests, please contact the author with proof of ownership, we will promptly correct, delete, thank you.Email address: newmedia@xxcb.cn