A “new adjustment” in oil prices?Maybe it’ll cost you more to fill up the tank?What do you think about that?

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1. Recently the international situation is in turmoil, under such circumstances, the price of crude oil keeps rising. At present, the domestic oil price has exceeded 9 yuan mark, and according to the information of relevant departments, the oil price will continue to rise in the future.Before this, the price of oil has achieved “5 consecutive rises”, and again and again to raise prices for many car owners feel unbearable.Many people even give up driving because of the high fuel cost. If they continue to use cars with high frequency, their lives will be affected. In view of the current situation, there is a high probability that the oil price will continue to rise.1 Some car owners with low income level even speak bluntly. They have given up using cars and turned to public transportation when traveling, which can save a lot of fees.Now they look at their cars and shake their heads and sigh. If they don’t put gas in their cars, they’re just a pile of junk.This situation also makes the usual habit of car owners feel very uncomfortable.If they have to pay for gas, the financial pressure on themselves is also unbearable, and this situation makes them very upset.Then came the news of higher oil prices.”Conflict” escalated again, it seems that we should take advantage of the current oil price before the rise in fuel, if we want to fuel later, we will have to pay more money.The main reason for the continuous increase in oil prices is the instability of the international situation, which has caused a chain reaction.1 Plus the impact of the epidemic, the US economy is going backwards, so they have to print a lot of dollars to give money to their citizens and stimulate consumption to fend off the risk, so to speak, they are transferring the risk to other countries in the world.Under such circumstances, prices will inevitably go up.What we’re seeing today is a consequence of the United States printing too much money, and their actions have caused inflation around the world, and people around the world are complaining, so it’s not surprising that oil prices are going up.According to relevant department statistics, the current dollar inflation rate has reached 7%.This is a worrying situation for many people, which means that prices will continue to rise and people’s wealth will continue to shrink.China, for example, has been greatly affected. Although relevant departments have made a lot of efforts in this regard, they are still immune to shocks in the context of fluctuations in the international environment.Since China is a link in the global economic chain, it cannot escape the impact of inflation.So people are going to see prices go up for the most part.There is another reason for the rise in oil prices, which is caused by increased international competition.In recent days, people must have read the news and know that the escalation of conflicts will inevitably lead to a surge in the demand for oil in many countries. However, at this time, the production of oil has not increased. Therefore, under the situation of tight supply and demand, the oil price will naturally rise.International conflicts will also cause some oil-producing countries to reduce crude oil exports. On the one hand, there is a sudden increase in demand, and on the other hand, there is a reduction in supply. Therefore, the contradiction between supply and demand is more prominent.At the same time, although China also produces oil, it is far from being able to supply a large amount of domestic consumption, 70% of which is dependent on imports.Under the circumstance of international crude oil rising sharply, Our country cannot naturally buy oil with lower price.So now that the cost of buying oil has risen, so has the price of refined products.In fact, the most difficult thing for car owners to accept is that the frequency of oil price increases is too frequent. In a short period of time, five consecutive increases have been realized, and even the fourth and fifth oil price increases are only one week apart.Many drivers had not yet adjusted to the shock of the fourth hike, which came on the heels of the fifth.Under such circumstances, many people believe that oil prices will rise more this time than in 2008.In that year, there was the international dispute over Iran and the financial crisis, and it only took a very short time for the oil price to exceed $150.While everyone was talking, the price of oil continued to climb, from $150 a barrel to $200 a barrel in just 5 days.This situation was unbearable to the people at the time, because the price of oil had broken through their psychological range.At that time, the penetration rate of private cars in China was not high, so people did not have personal experience.Now that private cars have become the norm in Chinese households, the rise in oil prices makes people very sensitive because it relates to their vital interests.It remains to be seen how high oil prices will rise, with some predicting that the price will rise to more than $150 a barrel.Here we have to mention the development of new energy vehicles in China, from here we can see that the country is forward-looking.Presumably, only the owners of new energy vehicles can laugh at this moment.Now the domestic oil price has achieved five consecutive increases, and there is a high probability that the oil price will continue to rise in the future.In order to avoid the future we will meet this kind of problem again, it is necessary to continue to vigorously promote new energy vehicles, if new energy vehicles can be widely popularized, we will not face an embarrassing situation now.Today’s topic: Oil prices may have a “new adjustment”?Maybe it’ll cost you more to fill up the tank?What do you think about that?