Zhu Zhu for the first time to celebrate her husband’s birthday, specially for her husband to choose a gift, cougar style dress more amazing

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There are many women whose bodies and faces are very specific and fit a certain style.Style represents whether the overall style has a certain sense of experience, if the body and facial features can choose the style of clothing is well integrated, the style will be very amazing.For women, it means tenderness and modesty, and some are very sexy, but sexy and mature are difficult words to express in terms of dress.In the entertainment industry, many stars have very personal characteristics, such as Zhu Zhu.Zhu Zhu’s private dress modeling is very characteristic, there is no overly complex design, but can always set off the invisible personal figure, send out the charm of women, is not the same sexy, amorous feelings and elegant.If there is a similar figure and temperament of women, can try zhu Zhu type collocation, both noble and elegant, mature women’s sexy and temperament to the extreme.On February 18, Zhu Zhu celebrated her husband’s birthday for the first time and posted a group photo on the social platform. It was very loving, and the familiar cougar style collocation made people feel very sexy.But modelling did not go beyond the mark hyperbole, used contracted black to match, show the sexy amorous feelings of the female.Can see integral black tonal hyperbole low-key, appear female dignified, elegant low-key while, have the design of other clipping respect again.The design of the clothing makes the clothing have a stronger sense of line, for women, this kind of cougar figure should take into account the tailoring of the clothing.Especially the shoulder and other parts can be seen, wearing a black dress with shoulder pads design, make the whole person’s posture become more wide, and hollow design, the perfect career line is presented, good figure needs to use advanced techniques, feminine, the whole person sends out endless charm.The change on hairstyle cofits very gentleness also, medium long hairstyle added female different amorous feelings at the same time in sex appeal, did the processing of small volume simply, let integral modelling become more discernible degree.Two, mature women how to shape sexy and not vulgar modeling?1, make the shape more rich sense, form a full effect when women create sexy modeling, can not blindly through skin to express, can have appropriate skin, but whether wearing skirts or wearing other types of single product, should have practical significance, present a full state.The skirt that still has sequin design carries on intensive type collocation, can produce certain impact force to the vision, the advantage is to be able to shape a kind of bright feeling, make modelling becomes full and rich.The design that joins glitter can let modelling become more characteristic, at the same time the dew skin that is combining collar place, show the glamour that gives hold up a person, also have gas field.2, not the same color with zhu Zhu such a figure and facial features is actually very senior, a lot of women’s body has always been so, will present a full state, with senior facial features, naturally can create a sexy modeling, but sexy also need to touch it.From the point of view of color, this kind of peacock green is very friendly to skin color, and the design of condole belt style takes in everything in a glance perfectly of the figure. At the same time, color echo is used, and the accessories of the same color are worn, which is very noble.Want sex appeal and mature collocation does not show vulgarity, be about to learn to cooperate a few details, let modelling upgrade somewhat.There are many women who have a certain misunderstanding of minimalism. Minimalism is not boring, but creates a unique beauty through some common colors and items.The extremely brief style modelling of Zhu Zhu can blend in the style of the individual very well, wear the collocation of vacuum type of business suit, bold and sexy, and gauze skirt is translucent state, grace won’t appear tacky at the same time, come down in comfortable natural state to show the amorous feelings of the female.Statement: original text, pictures from the network, if there is infringement, please contact us to delete, thank you.