Through the text: she mistakenly werewolf when lover, after the rebirth of one account, out of the mix is to return!

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Can not get things, we will always think he is beautiful, it is because you know too little about him.But I can take you along for the ride. Let’s read on.Today xiaobian recommended to everyone is: through the text: she mistakenly werewolf when lover, after the rebirth of one account, out of the mix is to return!The first: “Fengqianhua of no good doctor female” author: ancient speech introduction: Red constant country 30 years, kaiyuan emperor is dying, but has not set up prince!And from the palace spread out from the royal ten years ago, has been looking for a shoulder phoenix brand strange woman!Heard: get her, get the world, then, Cathay Ming an!I’m here with a treasure and I don’t know who my dad is!The forbidden fruit has not tasted yet, but it must be risked and killed for it!My insidious mother has seized the dowry and withheld my dowry!Dear sister evil unintentionally, rob my husband put me in danger!Biological father is confused, take me for money take me for power!Good, good!A piece of chocolate will make you bow!A mimosa is making your hair fall out!A rune call thousands of troops, will your feng home razed to the ground!Feng home leave ye, leave ye out!A book of medicine, all over the country!A book of war, enough to ruin the country and the people!She fought on the battlefield, with a unique strategy, fine tactics, incomparable medical skills, let her in the barracks mix of wind and water from the time!The birth mother, who disappeared without a trace five years ago, returns suddenly and lets her go home and get married!Xianggong is his boss!Cold?Iron?Heartless?Shura out of hell?It doesn’t even begin to describe how cold he was!A warm heart is not enough to melt the tip of his iceberg!But as the brand slowly appeared on her shoulder, his cold face began to crack!Wonderful content: Phoenix Qianhua accepted the edge of the line of sight baptism, a frightened look on the surface, but was exposed by red dust hao, “you are not afraid?”She smiled. “Afraid, really afraid of the baby.”Only those who fear death live longer.”But the king did not see fear in your eyes.Excited!”This woman, always acting so different, wants to be seen.”Cough cough cough, wang ye, you misunderstood, the little woman is really afraid, I don’t ask.”Often the first to die, are those who know should not know.”My Lord, you tell me about saint Mary’s day, and the capital, who will become my most advantageous opponent, know yourself and know your enemy can win every battle!”Or do not do, to do the best, this is the faith of FengQianhua!After finishing everything, Red Chen Hao lay in bed.The bed was reassuring, even familiar. Had he forgotten something?Think for a moment, always can’t remember, also give up.”It’s like a talent show, but there’s a difference.Not all women can participate in the talent show, but the Festival of The Virgin, as long as they are married, can participate.Think of ten years, the royal family began to look for the legendary woman, Red dust hao’s eyes, across a ruthless.”If you want me to win the first prize, there must be a competition. What is the competition?”Phoenix qianhua looked at his bed, lying on a enchanting man, small heart plop, accelerated the speed.Red Chen Hao hands pad under the head, slender legs have been a bow, is really handsome dead not pay for life.God’s carved face, his red lips, a faint sheen, is he seducing himself?(click on the below free reading) the second: “rebirth soft of sweet infanta” author: family girl introduction: before rebirth, she is a flower, notoriously mix small infanta, and he is a flower Ann r. are god seven sovereign, everywhere and resist him, she did the air for a day for a year, but eventually end up a miserable scene of million arrow wear heart!Reborn, she can be sweet or salty, with only one purpose — hey!Seven lords, when shall we be married?What’s great: Huaiyi gently put her hand on the wheelchair, looked at Jane Suye from a long distance, and finally simply said, “Princess is ok.”When Jane Suye heard huai Yi’s words, the man seemed relieved and heaved a sigh of relief. “That’s good, that’s good, that’s good…Can I go see the princess now?Next, very worried about her!”Jane suye’s words, “I’m worried about her,” somehow made Huai Yi unhappy. “No.”Jane suye touched her nose. Obviously, he had not expected huaiyi to refuse his request so decisively and clearly. But think about it, this man is Huaiyi, the seven princes, a person who does not even care about the emperor!It was not easy enough to say even two words to such a small person as he was, let alone to agree to his request.”I looked at her from a distance, and if I couldn’t see with my own eyes that she was safe, it would be hard for me to feel at ease!Please return seven princes help!”Jian Suye bit her lower lip. He only knew that Jiang Butai and the seven princes did not seem to agree, so it was difficult to ignore Jiang Butai.In case this prince also dislike jiang Not regret as he dislike jiang not regret, that he is really worried about jiang not regret now situation.”The king’s order is only to say once,” Huai Yi looked at Jian Suye coldly. “The king came to see you just to tell you personally that you can’t see the monarch any more.”Jean Suille scratched her hair uncertainly, and her suspicions increased. “Hello!You didn’t get a doctor for her, didn’t you?What happened to her now?You seven royal house can not accommodate her, that although send us Jane house good!We at The House are not afraid to keep another mouth for food!””Wisp, see them off.”Huai yi some stuffy, do not know why they will choose to see him.”I don’t care!This small ye is today must see infanta, otherwise…Otherwise…”Jean Sue stammered for a long time, but did not know what to threaten Huai Yi.(click below free reading) the third: “the rebirth of the lovely wife: Fu Shaoplease deep pet” author: one meter introduction: [through the text: she mistakenly put the werewolf when lover, after the rebirth of a reckoning, out of the mix is to return!Daily pet wife, no matter what the wife says is right, do what is right.Even if it’s wrong, it’s right.Shunned him like a snake, mistook a werewolf for a lover.Mistook green tea flower for best friend.White blind she has such a pair of clever eyes, is the devil is not clear.Reborn, pestering him, kissing and hugging him every word of disagreement.Come out mix always want to return, those who hurt the people she will account for one by one.For the rest of my life I am my husband’s little public servant, and my husband is my sweet candied fruit.Gu Jianxi immediately said, “Hubby, I made a mistake. In fact, I was going to throw this love letter. I just forgot it because I was disturbed by those two annoying people.”See Fu Yichen or a face of anger, Gu Jianxi on second thought, can not always please, to change a way is good.”Oh, husband, are you jealous?However, hubby, it is good to be jealous. After all, jealousy is good for the body.Besides, shouldn’t you be happy, husband?This shows, your wife I have infinite charm.”Gu Jianxi covered her face and said happily.”……”Fu to the processing.Gu Jianxi saw Fu Yichen with a slight smile on his face, the whole person directly rushed to his arms, but too hard, he directly sat on his leg, want to get up, but found himself surrounded by Fu Yichen tightly, she kept struggling, want to leave the arms of Fu Yichen.Fu Yichen tightly circle the person in her arms, whispered softly in her ear said: “wife, you move again, believe it or not, you will regret.””Husband, husband, you calm down, here is a hospital.””Wife.Whenever I can, I’ve already…”Gu Jianxi jumped out of Fu Yichen’s arms and coughed softly, “Husband, you said, you will not force, you…You are now…””Wife, this is not coercion, I am not asking…”Gu Jianxi directly domineering said: “inquiry is not good.””Then he ran directly to the door and looked at Fu Yichen who was still sitting in his office. He said with a smile on his face:” Husband, I’m busy first. Let me wait for a while….”Wife, I’m going home tonight.”Gu Jianxi leng once said to the telephone that: “back to fu ancestral home?””Yes.””Why?”She felt that she had been too diligent in returning to the Fu family’s ancestral home recently.This world is only smooth, there is no perfect.If you don’t think you’ve seen enough, enjoy the rest as well. 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