Private gas stations generally preferential prices, quality is guaranteed?There are real lessons to be learned

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Compared with the past, people’s living standards have been greatly improved.Private cars have also become popular all over the country. Now almost every family has a car.The rise of the automobile industry in China has also led to the development of the gasoline industry.Different cars also have different fuel standards, there are 92#, 95#, 98# gasoline.Old drivers know that low standard car can add high standard oil, but high standard car can not add low standard oil.Because gasoline quality problems may cause certain damage to the car.Thus, the higher the quality of gasoline is, the better it is for the car.So we must choose to go to the regular gas station to fill up.It may be a little more expensive than some private gas stations, but the quality must be guaranteed.Recently, there are netizens because of private oil problems.So what’s going on?Let’s take a look.A Mercedes driver from Hubei province said he had to drive for work.The car ran out of gas while walking, so it temporarily chose a nearby gas station to fill up.At that time, they did not care about whether the gas station was normal, so they added more than 300 yuan of oil to prepare for the road.When the car finished filling up, the owner just drove forward about two or three meters, the car stalled.When he started the car again, he was still unmoved.This can make car owners panic.At first, the owner was skeptical about the quality of the oil in the gas station, but after waiting for such a long time in the gas station, he did not find that other cars had the same problem as his own.So there was no doubt.Finally, there was nothing to do but call a tow truck and pull the car to the 4S shop.The 4s shop was also at a loss as to the owner’s description of when the car broke down.After a repair master’s inspection, the car’s accessories and functions are normal.Finally the master decided to drain the oil from the tank and replace it with a new one.At this point, the car actually started.Here we must have understood the real problem is where, is that private gas station oil problem.The driver was furious when he learned that the petrol had been watered down by the businessman.They want to ask for an explanation from the business.Then the owner came to the previous gas station with relevant certificates provided by the 4S shop. The gas station explained to the owner that his oil was the same as that of other regular gas stations, and much cheaper than theirs.It may be that the owner of the gas before the problem, and their gas station has nothing to do.But the owner went to the gas station to fill up his car when it was almost out of gas, so there is no such story.It was this gas station that had the problem.The gas station did not give a positive response to this question. It kept stressing that there was no problem with other cars refueling. Why did the Mercedes owner’s car have a problem?If it is filled with water, it really won’t do any harm to the car.But this kind of behavior of gas station is completely belong to cheat consumer.The customer’s counterattack was so exasperated that the owner decided to defend his rights.After listening to others said that the black gas station only for the local people to add a little better oil, if it is a foreign vehicle will add watered-down gasoline.This makes the owner more angry, someone at the entrance of the gas station to pull a banner to warn everyone not to come here to refuel, but also invited the media to expose the gas station.In the end, the car owner won the final victory.Conclusion: There are still a lot of “pirated” gas stations in the market, which seem not to be particularly different on the surface. Both the packaging and the name are similar to regular gas stations, but they are speculating in the name of regular manufacturers.So you owners must be careful to identify when refueling.Don’t let you suffer unnecessary losses for the sake of temporary cheap.What do you think about it?