County party school more than a point to fight the epidemic

2022-07-26 0 By

To effectively deal with the current COVID – 19 epidemic prevention and control of the new situation, new changes, the epidemic prevention and control work of county party committee party school actively response to the county government general requirements, more action, more strict standard implement, actively carry out the epidemic prevention and control publicity and MoPai, voluntary services and medical isolation points in logistics work, go all out to build a outbreak of defence.Continue to work on the fine medical isolation observation points.Since the party school of the County Party Committee was set up as the medical isolation observation point in the county on February 13, 2020, a total of 803 isolated people have been received since March 24, 2022. The medical staff of the isolation point, the public security special police and the staff of the party school have taken the initiative to take responsibility and detailed measures.Nucleic acid sampling and testing, security management, logistics service and other work were carried out for the returned peach quarantine observers, with zero infection and zero error in management.Lead the youth students to carry out volunteer service in the community.Affected by the epidemic situation, the Party School of the County Party Committee quickly adjusted the plan of teaching and field research in other places. On March 23, all students of the 2022 Middle and young class were organized into 9 groups to go to 9 communities in Taohuajiang Town and actively participate in community volunteer services for epidemic prevention and control.Organize cadres and workers to go to towns to knock on the door.On March 25, the county party committee party school organization of eight staff, to the pine pond town south river rush village, ZhuShan Village knocking at the door, everyone from house to house to visit MoPai, some responsible for inquiries about the overseas returnees carefully and registered in detail, some responsible for check at home health code and vaccination, some outbreak related knowledge, the measures for prevention and control of propaganda,In particular, unvaccinated personnel should go to the hospital for vaccination as soon as possible, and foreign returnees must timely report and so on for repeated emphasis and explanation.(Second instance: Yang Yajing, supervisor: Liu Peng)