For the first time, scientists have discovered the oldest flowers in amber

2022-07-25 0 By

A team from Qingdao University of Science and Technology has discovered the oldest living flower from amber for the first time in the world, media reported.”These flowers can be said to be ‘100 million years old’,” the researchers said, providing important fossil evidence for the evolution of early flowering plants and plate movements in Southeast Asia.The results were published in the cover article of nature Plants, a prestigious international journal, on Monday.According to Chinese media, Wang’s team studied 21 amber fossils from Myanmar, which were formed about 100 million years ago, and finally found the living descendants of these amber fossils in the Cape Flora of South Africa by comparing their surface features and internal three-dimensional structures with the morphological structures of living plants.The fossil plants preserved in amber formed before the Indian plate completely separated from Gondwana. With the disintegration of gondwana and the northward movement of the Indian plate, the ancestors of this biota spread through the Indian plate to northern Myanmar, but their descendants continued to thrive in the Cape flora of South Africa.Studies have shown that these flowers show a high degree of adaptability to frequent wildfires.The frequent wildfires during the Cretaceous may have been an important driver of angiosperm evolution.The amber found in this study is a solid fossil of flowers, fruits, leaves, pollen and other organs well preserved 100 million years ago.(Fast Technology)