“Attention qiannan” “TWO sessions” “Five new Qiannan” opening new bureau | NPC Deputy Wang Chaoping: to create a good agricultural products e-commerce business card power rural revitalization

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“After listening to the Government work Report, I was greatly encouraged and energized.As a deputy of the grassroots people’s Congress, I will implement the spirit of the ‘TWO sessions’ in the following work, and strive to build a good e-commerce business card for agricultural products, so as to contribute to rural revitalization.”Qiannan prefecture people’s Congress, Guizhou Nongpin Taiwan Network Co., LTD. General manager Wang Chaoping said.Guizhou Nongpintai Network Co., Ltd. is located in Changshun County, the company has changshun fresh experience hall, green shell egg breeding base, straw mushroom planting base, high calcium apple ecological park, business mainly for ecological agricultural production, local specialty sales.Under the leadership of Wang Chaoping, the company has explored the development mode of “base + entity + platform + same-city distribution”, which is now operating in Changshun, Huishui and other places.This model not only solves the problem of graduates starting businesses and returning youth finding jobs, but also solves the problem of difficult sales of agricultural products.State people’s congress, guizhou agricultural product network co., LTD., general manager he wasn in recent years, with rapid development of e-commerce in rural area, and agriculture, manufacturing, services, and other fields depth fusion, industry scale constantly expanding, continuously improve infrastructure, driving the transformation and upgrading of traditional industries, promote consumption convenience and quality improvement,E-commerce poverty alleviation has become an important starting point for “Guizhou goods out of the mountains”.Wang said that with the development of the Internet, agricultural e-commerce has flourished, and e-commerce has become a new force in the sale of agricultural and sideline products in his hometown.As a representative of an e-commerce enterprise engaged in the sale of agricultural products, I will implement the spirit of the “TWO Sessions” and make my own contribution to the overall promotion of rural revitalization by relying on the e-commerce platform.Guizhou Daily Sky eye news reporter Shen Changzhi editor Mo Yu editor Liang Xiaolin Zhang Carry forward