Pingyin: The launch ceremony of “Impression of Dongha” series activities

2022-07-24 0 By

In order to fully excavate the history and culture of donga town, the ancient city of thousands of years, and implement the development ideas of revitalizing the town and strengthening the town, on the morning of January 25, “impression Donga” series of activities were launched in Donga Town, Pingyin County. Fan Jiachii, deputy secretary of the party Group of the county government, attended the activities.In the following year, eight activities will be carried out in turn, such as “Impression Of Eastern Afghanistan” four seasons, “Impression of Eastern Afghanistan” top ten food selection, “Impression of Eastern Afghanistan” top ten humanistic stories selection, “Impression of Eastern Afghanistan” ancient City Cultural Forum, etc., with the in-depth excavation of cultural resources, establish cultural confidence, show cultural power,Polish the two beautiful business cards of “Donga Town, the ancient city of thousands of years, and the origin of Ejiao in the world”.As one of China’s three ancient towns with the same name as Jingdezhen and Maotai, Donga Town enjoys unique advantages in development with beautiful mountains and rivers, a long history, outstanding people and beautiful natural resources. The two beautiful business cards “Donga Town with a thousand years of history and the world’s Origin of Ejiao” are the precious wealth of Donga Town.It is also the confidence, confidence and potential of donga Town to leapfrog development.Standing at a new starting point, the new Party Committee and government of Donga Town planned to make use of the thousand-year cultural accumulation of Donga Town and the unique characteristics of the original source of Jiao to accelerate the development orientation of the rise of industry, health care and tourism of Donga Town, accelerate the revitalization of Donga Town, and enhance the popularity and reputation of Donga Town.Let donga town truly become people yearn for livable, suitable for business, suitable for business, suitable for travel, suitable for learning, suitable for the “six suitable for happiness”.The “Impression of Dong-a” series of activities is planned to carry out eight activities, covering various aspects of dong-a Town, such as natural scenery, cultural sources, delicacies, high-quality specialties, health tourism and cultural exchanges.It is a multi-angle, all-round, three-dimensional cultural activity, rich and colorful, wonderful.Before the launching ceremony of the “Impression of Donga” series of activities, the participants inspected the Tourism Area of Hua Hua North City, a model village of rural revitalization, and yongji Bridge, a stone bridge of “national treasure” level, to experience the thick history and culture of Donga Town.On the launch, the company town party secretary Zhao Zhenghua to report back to the forum guests town economic development situation of the company in 2021 the county Yu Ruidong, director of the history of the party committee gave the company town “Yu Shenxing pu” series of books, county archives director TaoZhaoLi to give the man far pingyin town, the jinan military region deputy commander Hu Huaigan air force,Professor He Lihua, doctoral supervisor of Shandong University, Han Zikui, former magistrate of Pingyin County government and director of Municipal Forestry Bureau, and Wang Yongjing, member of Chinese Calligrapher’s Association and famous calligrapher respectively presented calligraphy works to Donga Town.At the same time, the Party Committee and government of Donga Town issued employment letters to 22 “Cultural consultants of Donga Town”, and the “Impression of Donga Town” series of activities was officially launched.The series activities of “Impression Dong-Albania” include: “Impression Dong-Albania” shooting in four seasons;”Impression of East Afghanistan” works solicitation;”Impression east Afghanistan” top ten food selection;”Impression of East Afghanistan” top ten scenic spots selection;Top Ten Humanistic Stories of Impression of Dong-Afghanistan;Top 10 Agricultural Products for Rural Revitalization selected by “India east Afghanistan”;”Impression of Dong-a” Ancient City Culture Series Forum (works will be selected and commended at the end of October)