At present, the biggest sorrow of Chinese readers is that books are sold in plastic packaging

2022-07-24 0 By

South elder brother I can be regarded as a typical reader, starting from the child when I’m okay like reading “five thousand years” and children’s comic books, when they have free to yueqing city library, at the end of the university, have more free time, often to the university library and school monring winds bookstore next to borrow books to read, after work, economic bounteous, reading books and buy books,Every year, I read about 100 literature, history and social science books.But one of the most frustrating things I’ve encountered over the years is the fact that most books in bookstores are sold in plastic packaging.In my experience, if a reader want to buy a book, is unlikely to rely on only decided to buy the cover, the key to look through the inside of the content, attract people will buy, but after the books to the plastic sealed packaging, you have to tear down encapsulation, to see the inside of the content, but the problem is that many of the bookstore clerk is not allowed to tear down plastic sealed packaging,I even argued with the shop assistant about it!In this case, if I like a book I’m interested in in the Xinhua bookstore, I have to look at the surrounding situation first, see the clerk is not, will carefully unpack plastic packaging, look at the contents, feel like a thief, you say good mood?In addition, the implementation of comprehensive plastic packaging books will also bring serious environmental pollution problems, although these plastic packaging looks lofty, but after being removed by readers, they will not disappear automatically, but will become household garbage, whether burned or buried underground in the future, which will bring environmental pollution problems!I really miss the years before books were not fully implemented plastic packaging!It was the golden age of the scholar!