Western Han iron was praised by Rome qing Bao Dao made in Germany are feudal dynasty craft difference is too big

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China’s position in the history of world technology is constantly changing, which is very obvious in the field of cold weapons.During the Han Dynasty, China was the world’s largest exporter of steel and weapons, and its steel changed the situation in East Asia in a way that won praise from the Romans.In the Qing Dynasty, China’s high quality steel production fell into a standstill, there was a famous Qing dynasty baodao made in Germany predicament.The Han Dynasty was the peak of iron and steel production in ancient China.During the Western Han Dynasty, nodular cast iron, white cast iron, stir-frying steel, blower and cast iron furnace were popularized in China. The iron and steel output was very amazing, and according to Mr. Li Jinghua’s calculation, it was 17,855 tons, that is, 35.71 million jin.Even more frightening was the monopoly of iron production by the government, which gave the Western Han far more iron reserves than later generations.This figure is far more than the Tang Dynasty, the Government of the Tang dynasty a total of “only” can receive about 2 million jin of iron and steel (in the reign of Emperor Xianzong of the Tang Dynasty, it was 2.07 million jin), according to the ratio of 28 percent of iron, the total production capacity of the tang dynasty should be about 10 million jin.The iron and steel of the Western Han Dynasty not only met the production, living and war needs of the country, but also exported to the Korean Peninsula and Japan and changed the situation in East Asia.During the Western Han Dynasty, a large amount of Chinese steel flowed from the Korean Peninsula and Nanyue to Japan’s Kyushu region by sea, and was converted into weapons by the Yamato people, who completed the slaughter of the Japanese aborigines with Chinese iron tools and became the master of the Japanese islands.Iron and swords of the Western Han dynasty were exported to the west, where they were sold to Thrace on the shore of the Black Sea.Thrace’s most famous figure in Roman times was Spartacus, who may have wielded a sword from the Western Han dynasty.The Thracian sword was also easy to use, because the Thracian reverse-edged broadsword was very similar to the ring-head sword, with narrow blade and heavy blade, which focused on the function of slashing. Some of the western Han swords were replaced by local hilts, which became a nightmare for Roman soldiers.The Romans have no record of directly using western Han weapons and steel, but they also know that China has good steel, they imported from the East 5 inches in diameter, 0.5 inches thick, weight of two pounds of iron are called “Chinese iron”, with this crucible iron to make good swords.In fact, it was the product of Hyderabad, India, and the middleman did not want to let the Romans know the origin of the goods, so he used the name “China Railway”, just as today’s Wenzhou businessmen would rather go to Paris to register the brand.The reversal of smelting and forging technology in the East and the West began to appear on a large scale in the 16th and 17th centuries. Afghans in the Ottoman Empire of Morwall imported a large number of blade from Solingen from Germany, and installed their own krypton gold gem hilt as a powerful weapon.The Manchu Dynasty also caught up with this fashion. The most famous dao of the Manchu Dynasty was The Sibilong dao.Zhi Bilong dao witnessed half of the history of the Qing Dynasty. When it was worn by Zhi Bilong, it witnessed the domineering of Ao Bai.Also by the Kangxi Emperor into the royal Treasury unknown;In the 14th year of Qianlong, it was handed over to Naqin, the grandson of Bing Long. The use was to let the good grandson commit suicide with his grandfather’s sabre.After the Taiping Heavenly Kingdom rose, it was successively handed over to Sai Shanga, Xu Guangjin and Qi Shan, witnessing the defeat of the Qing army by the Taiping army.The main part of Zhipilong dao, the blade, is made in Solingen, Germany, with a German logo on the blade.Exactly where Sibilong got it is a mystery.I estimate the possibility of Shanxi Laoxi is very high, the business of Shanxi Laoxi is far away, they have their business as far as Russia, it is normal to get a good dao as a gift to Zhi Bilong.Swords and iron and steel are not trivial matters, which reflect the status of a nation in the development history of military technology in the world. The different reflection of swords in the Western Han dynasty and the Manchu Dynasty is the trend of China’s national fortunes.