Physical education circle!”Double minus” after the winter vacation children are playing with “sports”

2022-07-23 0 By

This winter holiday, the number of students in the sports training class has increased very much, even the number of martial arts, which is relatively unpopular, has increased a lot. It can be seen that physical education is really out of the circle.Driven by the “double reduction” policy, schools now pay more attention to physical performance, and more and more institutions and types of physical training, students also have more time for sports activities and physical exercise.Sports training institutions are now in the stage of rapid growth, in which basketball is the largest, because of the children like basketball, but also more recognized by parents, venues are also more, more important is included in the examination of sports selection project.Secondly, badminton, football and table tennis are popular sports with strong parent-child participation.Meanwhile, equestrian, golf, martial arts and other sports are also expanding sports market.Of sports market enlarge accompany should perfect extra-curricular sports groom management namely, at present many orgnaization had reached cooperation with the school, with the most professional means abounds the life after class of children, groom management for further perfect extra-curricular sports,The Code of Conduct for Extra-Curricular Sports Training issued by the General Administration of Sport of China in December 2021 makes clear provisions on facilities, courses, practitioners, internal management and safety.