Mortal story | rural teaching nearly thirty years, he said in two or three can record life

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The photos taken last night uploaded to two or three miles “side” after The fold huan put down the mobile phone, this is he released the 22,000 dynamic, the name of the “rural teachers in northern Shaanxi” friends, has been five consecutive years in two or three miles to release the news and interesting things to see in life.Zhe Huan, 50, has been teaching at Siipu Middle School in Suide County for 29 years since she started working in 1993.In his opinion, Ersanli can not only record his own life, but also see many news platforms that address people’s livelihood issues and positive energy.”I started to use the second or third li in 2017. In the past four years, many news clues I posted have been adopted and used, and many positive life trivia has been recommended to the news homepage.”Zhe Huan said that she was very happy to release the photos of suide flood on July 26 when the materials were adopted by the news media. Since then, she has insisted on releasing news and it has become an indispensable part of her life to release news every day until now.In the side of zihuan, most of them are school-related topics and interesting things in life.In 29 years of teaching, many things have made him unforgettable, and the name “Rural teacher in Northern Shaanxi” contains a lot of his stories.In 1996, zihuan’s county-level middle school merged with the township middle school, which had fewer students. As a result, the school welcomed several naughty students who did not like studying. Coincidentally, all three of them had the Chinese character “Tiger” in their names.Under the influence of these students, the tiger class from the township middle school became “notorious” and almost unteachable.Under this kind of circumstance, the fold that only has experience of 3 years class teacher receives an order in danger only, with one mouth warm blood, “tame tiger” journey begins at this point.”After taking over this class, I first encourage students from the ideological, let them get rid of the original town and four middle school style of learning gap, race against time to catch up than learning.”Zhe huan said, “After three meals every day, other students are still free to do activities on campus, but I have accompanied the students in my class to sit in the classroom and study quietly, every day and never give up.Hard work pays off. After the final quality test results came out, the students of “Tiger Class” ranked first in all five subjects of their grade.Teaching for 29 years, huan rooted village, with a deep love for children, have been silent and cultivated in the villages and towns pulpit of primary and secondary schools, in addition to the book knowledge, also maintains a young mind, help children to build confidence, set up the correct outlook on life, values, world view, leading the group after group of children grow up happy.With years of unremitting efforts, Zehuan has won honors such as “2018 Jack Ma Rural Teacher Award”, “2018 Outstanding Volunteer of Shaanxi province”, “Top Ten Positive Energy Messenger of Shaanxi Province”, “Excellent Lecturer of Advanced Deeds Tour of Shaanxi Most Beautiful Rural Teachers” and “The first Moral Model of Suide County”.”Teaching is not only about knowledge, but also about being a human being.To love and be loved is an attitude we must teach our students.”These honors not only inspire her, but also spur her on, she said.In the New Year, I will continue to do a good job as a rural teacher, teach more knowledge to students, also wish two or three miles to do better and spread more positive energy.Huashang Daily reporter Yang Huyuan editor Zhang Han