Yi Ran, participant of “Double Olympics” : Draw the most beautiful business card of Beijing with smile and love

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The China economic weekly “reporter Lv Jiangtao | Beijing 2008 Olympic Games in Beijing, the volunteers smile let the world remember this piece of “the best card for Beijing.The successful hosting of the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympic Games is also inseparable from the enthusiastic participation and dedication of volunteers.In his opening speech, Ioc President Thomas Bach said, “We would like to thank all the volunteers who made us feel at home from the moment we arrived.”Volunteers have been active in different areas of the winter Olympic Games, bringing warmth and affection to the athletes and overseas guests, which has become a beautiful scene of the Winter Olympic Games.Yi Ran, a teacher from China University of Geosciences (Beijing), served as a volunteer at the 2008 Beijing Olympics and again in 2022.”What a lucky thing it is to meet the Olympic Games once in my life. I feel proud to serve the Olympic Games twice.””I am more proud of our great motherland,” yi said. “Beijing is the only city in the world that has hosted both the Summer Olympics and the Winter Olympics. The ‘Double Olympic City’ has given me two opportunities to serve in the Olympics.”In the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games, Yi Ran, who was just a sophomore in college, became a college student volunteer in the Olympic Headquarters of Capital Normal University after layers of selection, which was her first “close contact” with the Olympic Games.Yi Ran was a student party member and student cadre when he was a student. No matter he was concerned about volunteer work or national affairs, he was more eager to participate in it and contribute to the strength of a young student.After the closing of the Beijing Olympic and Paralympic Games, she was awarded “Advanced Worker of Beijing Olympic and Paralympic Games” and “Advanced Individual of Beijing Olympic and Paralympic Games work of Capital Normal University”.Meet again with 14 years later, when the Beijing Olympics, the likelihood is the teacher of China university of geosciences (Beijing), as the Olympic/paralympic) family hotel run volunteer team manager, responsible for recruiting, screening, training, team of volunteers and the management of the games-time volunteers service guarantee of motivation, work, work content throughout the winter Olympics and the winter paralympics always.”I am now a ‘volunteer’ for the volunteers. Serving the volunteers is my main job.””The two jobs are different, but the love for the work remains the same,” said Yi.As the volunteer manager, WHILE accompanying the volunteers, I will guide them to grow more under the background of epidemic prevention and control with professional training, effective management and scientific incentives, and better show the spiritual outlook of Chinese volunteers and Chinese youth.”From a college student volunteer in Beijing Olympic Games to a volunteer manager for the Winter Olympics and Paralympics, The Olympic Games have long taken root in Yi Ran’s heart and become an important part of her life. No matter how time changes, the Olympic complex in her heart remains unchanged.In Yiran’s view, the Olympic Games is not only a sports event, but also a higher, faster, stronger, more united spiritual connotation and profound emotion of national honor.And volunteers are an important part of the Olympic Games, is a symbolic presence.They painted the most beautiful name card of Beijing with smiles, sincerity and love, and contributed to the wonderful Olympics with the volunteer spirit of dedication, friendship, mutual assistance and progress.”Our volunteers who participated in the 2008 Olympic Games were nicknamed the ‘Bird’s Nest Generation,’ while the college volunteers who participated in the Beijing Winter Olympics are nicknamed the ‘Ice and snow Generation,'” he said.These days, Yi ran says, she, the bird’s Nest generation, is impressed by the performance of the ice generation.They were not as weak as one might expect. Instead, each of them kept at their job and did it very well in the freezing temperatures of minus 20 degrees Celsius.What moved Yiran, a member of the “Bird’s Nest generation”, was the sense of responsibility, responsibility and mission of Chinese youth in the “ice generation”.Although in order to do the service of the Olympics made her last summer and winter vacation this year didn’t have a good rest, although the winter Olympics and paralympics will double hard winter, but her pay, but are reluctant to say more, but when it comes to her students, but the young college teachers, the tone is full of happiness.”When decorating the volunteer home, I could feel the dedication of the volunteers to their volunteer work.The entire design and layout of our volunteer home was completed by volunteers. In this process, they considered both the beauty of the volunteer home and the utility of the volunteer home, and at the same time, they innovated the new elements that young people like to incorporate into it.Banner wall, wall, exhibition platform, for example, are condensed with everyone’s effort, we have three days in a row in the home of the volunteers to carry on the design and layout, often busy late into the night, but not a bit tired, volunteers are fun, want to have the most beautiful and the most beautiful home of volunteers show in front of the games-time volunteers.I was very moved by this process and also felt the wisdom of our young volunteers, who have a lot of creative energy.The prevention and control of the epidemic is a top priority in preparations for the Beijing Winter Olympics and Paralympics, posing unprecedented challenges to all staff participating in the Games.In the context of epidemic prevention and control, a lot of volunteer work cannot be carried out offline, which requires reconsideration and planning of online work methods.In this process, Iran felt the most is the power of national strength and scientific and technological progress.Convenient mobile devices and 5G’s perfect coverage capabilities have made volunteering a lot easier. Much of the training, learning and simulation work is done online, which was difficult to do before, but now it is very easy.”I’m proud to have served twice at the Olympics, proud of the lovely ‘ice generation’ and, more importantly, proud of our great country.After returning to class, I will share my experience of participating in the Winter Olympics with students to deepen their knowledge and understanding of the Winter Olympics, and let them feel the happiness and responsibility of this golden age.”Yi ran said.Copyright belongs to China Economic Weekly magazine. Any media, website or individual shall not reprint, extract, link, repost or use in other ways without authorization.