Lai Hongguo’s new love was pregnant!Concealing pregnancy reasons exposed!

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Lai hongguo, known as “Wang Yangming in the medical field”, married Ajiao (Zhong Xintong) in 2018 after dating for four months. They ended their short-lived 14-month marriage in March 2020.Recently, it was reported that Lai hongguo is going to marry his girlfriend Alice, a flight attendant, for the third time.According to the latest news, his girlfriend is suspected to be pregnant.Lai hongguo and Alice had a very low-key relationship and did not reveal her real face.However, lai hongguo’s girlfriend’s birthday photos were exposed, many friends put their hands close to the birthday boy’s belly, suspected of announcing a belly happy move, immediately aroused curiosity.A friend of Alice’s told the Paper that she did not know if she was pregnant.However, according to reports, friends around her said she should be pregnant, but it is inconvenient to disclose, may also be affected by folk customs, but it is not clear how many months pregnant, if she is pregnant, lai Hongguo will become a husband again this year will be a father, also regarded as a double happiness.Lai hongguo did not answer phone calls, did not return messages and did not respond to requests for comment.Lai’s girlfriend Alice, a former Emirates flight attendant, recently posted a red box of Cartier on her Instagram account, writing: “WOO!I have never thought that I will move towards a happy family life.Thirty is amazing. Wow.”Happiness is hard to hide between the lines.In addition, Lai Hongguo posted a photo of the reunion on The first day of the Chinese New Year. Compared to other students who attended the reunion with their companions, he appeared to be alone. However, netizens spotted the “person stuck on the left”, which was suspected to protect his new wife and therefore took the photo.And he experienced and “Hua Hang Lin Yi Chen” Zhao Xiaowei (Ivy), Zhong Xintong (A Jiao) two marriages, in 6 years married 3 times the record also raised the attention of the outside world.