Zhejiang built the first “safe consumption unit” for young people with mental disorders

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China Consumer News Hangzhou news (reporter Shi Benyun) “welcome to Wanwan, we are assured consumption units, please rest assured!”Ms. Zhang, who often comes to hangzhou Shangcheng District kaixuan Road 137 Wanwan car wash, heard the newly installed doorbell, stopped to enter the door, looked up and saw a new “assured consumption unit” plaque at the door of the car wash living hall.”Xu mother, bend bay to become assured consumption unit, not easy ah, the name is true!”Ms. Zhang gave a thumbs-up to Xu Qin, who was washing the car with her children in the restaurant.It is reported that this is the “assured consumption unit” brand awarded by the Market Supervision Bureau of Uptown for Wanwan Love Life, which means the province’s first “assured consumption unit” for young people with mental disorders has been officially built.”The uptown Market Supervision Bureau just issued a brand to us, saying that our business is standardized, reasonable price, worry free after-sales, in line with the standard of safe consumer units.”Everyone in the mouth of Xu mother, wan Love life founder Xu Qin proudly said.The reporter learned that Wanwan Love Life includes a small supermarket and a car wash, which opened in 2015. Both stores are located on Kaixuan Road, not far from each other.The staff are all students of the Bay Trust Center, mentally disabled youth, the original intention of opening the two stores is to let young people learn skills and integrate into the society.Since the opening of the shop, they have been carefully serving every customer, but also received the care and tolerance of many aspects, now it is the first and only one in Zhejiang province by the heart of the youth management of the rest assured consumption unit, so that she is more confident to take students to go all the way.When the reporter asked “how to think of awarding this special business entity the title of ‘safe consumer unit'”, the relevant person in charge of the Market supervision bureau of The Upper city district said that since Wanwan opened its shop, the market supervision department has been concerned about the operation of Wanwan.Over the years, consumers have praised Wanwan’s service and market regulators have not received a single complaint.The theme of this year’s Consumer Rights Protection Year is “Promoting consumer equity together”. In order to strengthen the protection of special groups and achieve greater consumer equity, Shangcheng District Market Supervision Bureau reported to Hangzhou Market Supervision Administration and approved to award Wanwan Love Life with the title of “Safe consumer Unit” to inspire young people’s confidence in life.Also for the upper city of more than 5000 assured consumer unit groups add a unique “flower”.HN666 statement: the copyright of this article belongs to the original author, if there is a source error or infringement of your legitimate rights and interests, you can contact us through the mailbox, we will promptly deal with.Email address: jpbl@jp.jiupainews.com