Following “wife shortage” hind, the countryside another strange elephant appears, the old farmer is worried all day, the children do not care at all however

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“Wife shortage” refers to the phenomenon that single men in rural areas are unable to find suitable partners. On the one hand, the conditions in rural areas are not so good, both young men and women are sure to go on the road, resulting in a relatively small population in the countryside as a whole, most of the rest are older people.On the other hand, the conditions of men in the countryside are generally not good, and women who stay in the countryside may not be able to attract others, which also leads to the widespread “wife shortage” in rural areas.But so-called misfortunes never come alone, afterwards “wife shortage” hind, the countryside appears again recently strange phenomenon, old farmers worry all day to this, but its children do not care a bit however.In fact, in recent years, the phenomenon of “wife shortage” in rural areas has gradually weakened, after all, with the development of the new economy, the conditions in rural areas have been significantly improved, people have money, living standards have naturally improved.Now there are calls to build a new countryside, as the pressure of city life is too great for those who work outside the city.Although cities earn more, the point is that they spend more.They think it would be better to go back to the countryside for a few years, where there is no city politics, only peace and quiet, and infinite expectations for the future, which are the benefits of staying in the countryside.It seemed to be a scene of prosperity, but the old people living in the countryside were not happy.But while the development of the new countryside is attractive, they now face a strange phenomenon: their children are reluctant to get married.In fact, the reluctance of the post-90s generation to get married has become a common phenomenon in society, especially in rural areas.Sometimes the post-90s can’t stand their parents urging them to get married again and again, so they simply don’t go back home for the Spring Festival.It’s lonely out there, but it’s quiet enough.Old people living in the countryside always wonder why their children are not willing to get married when life is getting better and better.The reasons for this strange phenomenon are quite simple. To begin with, the pressure of life is enormous.As college students are becoming more and more common in the society, it can be said that there are some educated and knowledgeable people in all positions. College students are no longer popular as before, and many people even face the dilemma of unemployment just after graduation.So for most young people, the burden of life has almost been crushing them, naturally few people are willing to get married early, to give themselves more pressure to support the family.This is a life that many old people in rural areas cannot understand. Times have changed, young people have new problems in life, and some people become afraid of marriage.Moreover, some young people worry that their married life will not be harmonious.This disharmony is reflected in the relationship between husband and wife. Not all husband and wife can help each other in life.Married life is more about quarrels and animosity for both parties, so what’s the point of getting married?With the surprisingly high divorce rate in China, the sooner people get married, the sooner they end up leaving, which is a wake-up call.Then there is the incongruity of the quality of life.A person’s life is naturally what he wants to do, how to make money and spend their own, how are not wrong.However, everything changed when we got married. Not to mention the price of betrothal gift, the heavy burden of buying a house and a car, sometimes more than 70% of our monthly salary was used to pay the mortgage, which led to a serious decline in our living standard.Marriage is a duty for the parents, but it is an ordeal for many young people.