Lucheng District landscape lights “dress up” the city night scene

2022-07-20 0 By

Yellow River news network Changzhi news: The flavor of the year is gradually thick, vientiane update, in lu Cheng District, China Avenue, new South China Road, Mo Fang Gold street and other places, colorful festival landscape lights play the part of the city night scene, to welcome the Year of the Tiger.The picture is: festival landscape lamp plays the role of beautiful city night scene night falls, lantern on, streets and lanes warm color drip.Yizhanzhan bright lanterns, rows of red lanterns beaming, set off a lively festive atmosphere.In the Mo Fang Gold street lamp exhibition area, cartoon tiger, Kylin play beads, lighting background wall……Various combination of festive landscape lights make the place look like a “modern world” full of Chinese elements, where citizens stroll and appreciate the magnificent lights, and their happiness arises spontaneously.(Xing Luxia)