Korean characteristic barbershop, characteristic service is fascinating, male customer: want to come every day

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South Korea has a barber shop is very popular, every day customers are full, mainly because of the characteristics of the service, is the barber shop, but the scope of service is not only hair, many people are attracted to travel, let’s have a look at what service is so good.Guests into the shop, will soon have a beautiful blue suit little sister came out to meet, you can see the inside of the guests had a lot of, the rest of the space also not much, little brother came to the seat, a blue dress girl came up to his service, the girl looks like sweet, let a guest to lie down, gently a towel over his eyes, let he closed his eyes a good rest,The cute girl then begins to wash the guest’s feet, even gently.Give on the foot bath dew, carefully clean with the guest’s feet, a toes did not pass, will be the guest’s foot wash clean, wash feet she has unique technique, side wash feet for the guests, and massage for him, to see the appearance of the guests will know how to enjoy, washed for 5 minutes, wash a foot to be flush after feeling his feet the white.After washing feet, and come up a girl wearing a blue dress, began to give little brother cut fingernails, cut after the knife carefully to repair, the girl’s action is clean, can see very professional, wash feet of the girl is not free, then change a cushion to the footsteps, began to carry on the next step.The towel on the guest’s face is taken off, the lovely girl who just washed her feet takes out something like shampoo and daubs it on the guest’s face, then takes out a towel and covers the face with cream, which should be part of the beauty.On the other side, trim nail girl is not even nails, began to carefully clean up the dirty things in the nails, work is very carefully, so considerate service how can not let people like, at this time the other girl out razors, clean up the hair on the face, visitor will face some redundant hair carefully away, she very gentleness,Make sure guests don’t experience any discomfort.Neck and chin beard and no omissions, began to carefully clean up with towel, scraper cut rub gently in the face of each place, and the little brother said he had never enjoyed such a good service, is much more comfortable than their shave, cut your nails little sister the fingernails, began to cut toenails, construction process is also very careful,Ensure that guests do not experience any discomfort.On the other side, after cleaning the face, the girl began to massage the little brother’s facial muscles. First, she coated the face with massage oil, and then her hands massaged the facial muscles with specific techniques, so that the facial muscles could be completely relaxed. Her fingers pressed on the face very lightly, so that the little brother could be completely relaxed.Girl said massage technique is very important, not too light, too light doesn’t work, of course also cannot too heavy, too heavy can let a person feel uncomfortable, so she summed up their own a set of technique, quickly in the face with your fingers sliding, without too much effort, as long as along the massage strength can let a guest feel comfortable, see how the skilled technique,Must have gone through countless times of practice, it is not so easy to do any line, there is such a good-looking little sister for his service, little brother nature is also very enjoy.Facial massage for a long time did not end in about ten minutes, the girl on the face towel to clean the oil then began to give him a massage head, massage head can want to fee your strength, look at the small girl, even the MATS together with the weight of the body, this very tests her massage technique, after numerous training she nature is the mistresses, moderate strength,Press on the acupoints, which makes the little brother relax completely, press on the head and then press on the neck and shoulders.Press here need more skill and strength, is also the most easily fatigue, office by bad uncomfortable, not only may even hurt, little sister can use the whole body strength, but the expression of the little elder brother should be a good experience, on the other side of the girl, also build the nails in to the guest, the cut is long enough, did not know that she is too careful or too slow,It took me ten minutes to cut my nails before I finally finished.Massage head little sister, still in working with professional technique, fiddling with the guest’s head, also don’t know what is the problem that massage technique, or the guest satisfied with too much, the little brother suddenly laughed, girl smiled, looked at have the tacit understanding to see the appearance of the little elder brother enjoy with his eyes closed, should be satisfied with the service is a girl.Massage shoulder strength was the little girl took a step back, with the strength of the floor to the guests massage, massage, too, are a physical strength live, little elder brother is comfortable, I’m afraid we shall have tired collapsed after the massage girl, after the shoulder massage, girl took out a cucumber slices, began to skin care for the guests, ice ice cool cucumber slices apply on the face,Not only does it hydrate your skin but it also refreshes you. It’s a combination of haircuts, massages and facials. It’s hard to find anywhere else.Apply in small cucumber, the girl began to pick ears for her service, this is a skill, not only will the dirt out of the ear, also let a guest feel comfortable. However, the girl with professional training is also handy when to do it, of course, the process of mining ear is more complex, girls for more than twenty minutes, to clean, two ears to allDuring the two people talking and laughing, for the little brother is completely enjoy, the whole process of a total of more than 40 minutes, the little brother is very satisfied with the service of the two girls, especially the girl who gave him a massage, not only good-looking, massage technique is very good, he said he would like to come every day.