Want to have a special “hui Nan Tian”?Necessary artifact to use

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When the seasons turn from January to March and April each year, the weather phenomenon of “returning to the south” often occurs in southern China as the temperature begins to warm and the humidity in the air increases sharply.Because the temperature is suddenly hot, the environment has no time to accommodate more humidity, so brought about damp phenomenon, when serious can cause floor wall ceaseless “sweating” even.The word “returning to the Southern sky” is very familiar to many southerners. It is rainy, cold and wet, and many southerners are most impressed by the scene of “returning to the southern sky”.As the saying goes, there are policies at the top and countermeasures at the bottom.Today to give you grass three recently very popular dehumidifiers, to help you in the “back to the south” also can have a comfortable life.It is common for migrant workers to live in apartments in urban villages without good lighting.Because there is no sun exposure, the daily change of clothes is not easy to dry, coupled with the wet and cold weather back to the south, often is several days of drying clothes still feel wet.At this time, you need an energy saving, do not take up the place of the Dehumidifier to help you solve the problem.Deye DYD-E12A3 is favored by consumers because of its lightweight and portable appearance.It covers an area the size of an A4 sheet of paper and takes up no space at all.Moreover, the dehumidification capacity of THE DYD-E12A3 is up to 12 liters per day, and it is equipped with a 2.5-L large water tank, so there is no need to pour water frequently.Electromagnetic float type super sensitive induction can achieve full water stop, not afraid of water leakage problem, save effort and worry.The dehumidification capacity of 12l/day can fully meet the dehumidification demand of about 25㎡ space, which is a good news for single room or small family workers.Small size but great energy, Deye DYD-E12A3 select 165W high energy efficiency compressor, can be called the dehumidifier industry energy-saving pioneer, work for 6 hours only need to consume one degree of electricity, more energy saving than other dehumidifiers with the same 12L dehumidification capacity.And Deye DYD-E12A3 in noise reduction processing is also very close, the overall noise is low to 38 decibels, completely do not worry about noise will affect the quality of sleep, small space can easily enjoy all night comfortable sleep.In addition, THE DYD-E12A3 is also equipped with a key dry clothes function, simulation of natural wind drying clothes, will not damage clothing fiber, dry clothes more protective clothes.In terms of intelligent experience, Deye DYD-E12A3 also performs very well. Intelligent remote control by mobile phone APP, one-button remote dehumidification, indoor humidity can be set in advance on the way home, and you can have a comfortable and dry environment at home.At the same time, a series of intelligent control operations such as self-defined timing switch and one-button safety child lock also bring us more secure and convenient intelligent experience.Dyd-t22a3 compared to DYD-E12A3, DYD-T22A3 dehumidifier is a suitable for living room or large bedroom and other large space dehumidification products.With a dehumidification capacity of 22 liters per day, it can support efficient dehumidification of 45 square meters in a single room, which is more suitable for 130 ordinary meters of large families.In terms of appearance, DEye DYD-E12A3 dehumidifier adopts the classic black and white color matching, European “Roman column” design with unique aesthetic return type air outlet, slender and gorgeous, the air is very uniform, both beautiful and classy.Complete machine is put in the bedroom or sitting room not only won’t appear cumbersome, still can become an adornment instead.At the same time, the design of DYD-T22A3 dehumidifier is also very close, with a large area of LED digital display control panel using 13 degrees “book” design, especially ergonomic touch design, users can view and operate without bending over, really very convenient.In order to meet the different needs of users, deye DYD-E12A3 dehumidifier supports two drainage modes: external drainage pipe and storage tank.The capacity of the visible storage tank is 4.5L, and the design has a hidden handle, convenient for users to observe the amount of water and pour water in time.In addition, when the water in the storage tank reaches the warning level, the dehumidifier will automatically stop and be reminded on the LED panel to prevent water overflow.After connecting the drainpipe, the dehumidifier can work continuously for a long time without pouring water manually.Dyd-t22a3 adopts panasonic compressor with low vibration, low noise, stable operation and high efficiency and durability, and meets the stringent Hong Kong level 1 energy efficiency standards.Thanks to the high quality compressor, the DYD-T22A3 sound only 41 decibels in low wind mode, gentle dehumidification, sleep quality improved several levels.Deye DYD-T22A3 dehumidifier is configured with intelligent Internet of Things interactive system. Users can achieve comprehensive control of the dehumidifier remotely only through mobile phones, which is very intelligent and convenient.When using APP to control the dehumidifier, not only can the humidity at home be adjusted well, but also the dehumidifier can be switched on and off regularly.Dehumidifier built-in anion generator, just click the anion function key can make the dehumidifier produce anion, so as to achieve the dehumidifier to provide the human body with the daily required anion and fresh, healthy and good air effect.In addition to the above functions, Deye DYD-T22A3 also has a telescopic winding column, humanized wire storage beautiful and practical;The bottom comes with 360° rotating and balancing universal wheel, which can be easily pushed by the old and children.Such a set of dehumidification, purification and dry clothes of the trinity of high-quality dehumidifier can be called a family essential magic, no problem to solve all kinds of “back to the south” brought about by the problem.Deye DYD-D50A3 above two dehumidifiers are daily household type, if it is for the large space type of the whole house dehumidification demand, then you have to send the high-power commercial and residential compound DEye DYD-D50A3 dehumidifier appeared!The daily dehumidification capacity of DYD-D50A3 dehumidifier is up to 50 liters, whether it is wet basement, underground wine cellar or duplex villa, from 25 square meters to 120 square meters of space range it can quickly the whole house dehumidification, 10 minutes effect, 2 hours dry, easy to solve the problem of large area dehumidification.Deye dehumidifier DYD-D50A3 appearance level is super high, classic black and white color design, body with exquisite LED double display large screen, black acrylic touch screen magnificent atmosphere, rich texture, minutes to let a person shine.Deye DYD-D50A3 dehumidifier has a 45° bevel touch panel, which can be operated by standing without squatting.Just set the ideal indoor humidity, the machine will start to work, through the LED double display large screen we can see the current environment humidity change at a glance, it is not too comfortable.At the same time, the water storage tank of DYD-D50A3 dehumidifier has a large volume of 8L, and the whole house dehumidification does not need to change the water many times, and the automatic shutdown function of water is more easy to use.Deye DYD-D50A3 dehumidifier also has the same timing setting, safety children lock function, wind speed size adjustment, dry clothes mode and other functions of choice, so that you can play new tricks in the “back to the south”.Of course, this product also supports the smart APP to monitor humidity in real time and remote control, so you can start dehumidification, dry clothes and other functions anytime and anywhere, so you don’t have to endure the damp environment and worry about dry clothes.It is worth mentioning that the DEindustry DYD-D50A3 dehumidifier can make the 120 square meters of decorative big room paint dry quickly in a day, reduce the smell of paint volatilization in the new room, dehumidification purification cycle, make the paint surface more flat, the air is fresher.Large family how to solve the whole house dehumidification problem, a convenient control, superior performance of deindustry DYD-D50A3 dehumidifier can help you all fix, let you have a different “back to south day”.In short, in the upcoming “back to the south”, prepare a dehumidifier for the home, so that the indoor environment is more fresh and dry, but also let the health of the family more a guarantee.The above three dehumidifiers have their own bright spots, need friends can start according to their actual needs of choice oh!