The TES Spring Contest poster went viral, and Tian and Mark continued to start, trying to eat TT dumplings

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Preface:Speed 12 season has officially started, I believe that the vast majority of players are focused on the recent period of time of the spring, LPL division adjustment state of each war team are actively preparing to make a better progress in the new season, this time, everyone is very high for the tes team attention, LPL division as a top class team whole China,Going into the game, everyone thought they were going to be in a great position, but they weren’t even halfway through the season, and the playoffs were in jeopardy.In the face of TT team, TES team did not change the starting player, small day and Mark continue to become the team’s starting field auxiliary, and their posters are also on fire, actually want to eat TT dumplings.Meanwhile, the TIGER of RNG team will face rookie in a match.TES team did not replace the starting players believe that the vast majority of players for TES team or more familiar with, as a LPL division of a top strong team, after the establishment of their overall results is very good, basically in the forefront of the LPL division, each year’s playoff state is also very good.S10 season, tes team there was a very big adjustment, introduced a number of domestic players, formed a top class of the whole China team, ready to the winner of the first world finals, results in that year’s fight, the tes team the game play is not particularly good, starting from the last eight is a very serious problem,In the end, he only got one final four.Tes has undergone some personnel changes in each of the past two years, but in general, they have been restructured around mid-Single Knight and AD Asui.No matter how many teammates change, these two players will never be reserves.This time of the transfer window, tes team again spending heavily to introduce a number of core players, everyone think tes team will become the top teams, but unexpectedly, the spring after the start, they actually become worse and worse, 2-4 record stability to the east of the first rank, have been at this rate, basic can declare immersed in the playoffs.After the beginning of the game after the year, Tes team once again experienced a great personnel change, single, playing wild and auxiliary all replaced the first, but the overall result is not so good, or was directly swept by RNG team.In the second game against TT team, tes team’s starting lineup did not have any adjustment, tennen and Mark continued to serve as the starting field auxiliary, and there was no adjustment for the center and AD.But a lot of players are very worried, after all, TT team after the year has reached the end of the entire lineup, and before the TT is completely two teams, if the tes team state is not adjusted, maybe even tt team can not win.Their poster also attracted a lot of jokes from players, comparing TT to tangyuan and wanting to eat them. Can you really eat them?Tigers will face to face with rookie in the game both in single player, has become the focus of attention of all players and tigers of the game is also very critical, if able to beat the rookie, for tigers, the location of the Asian games in single basically can determine, after all, the tiger is not just a single player,He is also the mSI champion.If he is able to play, it will be absolutely vital for The Chinese team, there will be more swinging BP in the field, maybe in the match, tiger will be straight to the road, Wei and Tiger ueno combination will be back on the top stage.Goodbye think Tes team did not change his players are expected, after all, the strength of this squad is good, but I never thought for Tes team will make zoom substitute, years ago, the results of the competition is more general, but watched the game player, should be able to feel zoom’s problem is not so big.It was pretty good that he was able to play like that without the help of his teammates.Honestly, in my opinion.Now tes is on the road and no one can beat Zoom.What do you guys think about this?