Rush hot search!A blogger posted that he was ordered 1.23 million yuan, and 68 bottles of vodka were ordered.

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On February 19, a blogger posted his order code, which was searched by netizens with an order of 1.23 million entries. What is the situation?According to the official weibo account of Singularity Finance, a blogger posted a QR code for ordering dinner on his micro blog, and netizens ordered dishes worth more than 1.23 million yuan.According to the order details, 68 bottles of czar handmade wedding banquet vodka were ordered, which sparked a heated debate online.According to the video message, the blogger said the restaurant was not allowed to leave and had gone to the police station to deal with it.The restaurant responded that the QR code has been closed, but users can not place orders.The video has been trending trending online.Some users said: “why do you want to send a single TWO-DIMENSIONAL code on the network?There are also netizens questioned, the restaurant saw so many dishes, so abnormal did not check with the guests?Daily Business Comprehensive City Times Singularity Finance official weibo, Sina Weibo Daily Business News