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The afternoon of February 19, Hohhot COVID – 19 epidemic prevention and control work 5 news conference announced as of 19 February 14 when the outbreak of Hohhot has reported local COVID – 19 confirmed cases, 86 cases of in addition to this conference also released the following left left left most of the cases of the Hohhot found in isolation control personnel nucleic acid detection on February 18, 2022Hohhot reported a total of 86 new COVID-19 cases, including 23 in Xincheng District, 5 in Hui District, 10 in Yuquan District, 18 in Saihan District, 9 in Tuzuo Banner, 3 in Helin County, and 18 in Wuchuan County.Most confirmed cases were detected through nucleic acid tests conducted by quarantine and control personnel.At present, all confirmed cases are being treated in isolation in the Fourth Hospital of Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region. After expert consultation, 20 cases are ordinary type, 64 cases are mild, and 2 cases are severe.The Novel coronavirus genes of this outbreak in Hohhot all belong to the Delta variant (AY.122 evolutionary branch). At present, the Municipal Center for Disease Control and Prevention has sequenced the virus genes of the samples of the first 3 confirmed cases detected in this outbreak, and the sequencing results have been reported to the Inner Mongolia CDC and the China CDC for comparison.Results The Novel Coronavirus genes all belonged to The Delta variant strain (AY.122 evolutionary branch), and no sequence with high homology was found in the domestic and imported case databases.Follow-up confirmed cases and tracing the source of the epidemic are still in progress.In order to strengthen the flow control work, Hohhot has set up a special team of “three public service (industry) integration” flow control tracing work centralized office, online and offline integration synchronous promotion, public security, industry and information technology quickly provide accurate activity track and spatio-temporal relationship, the public health and disease control department trace the source, determine the close contact, secondary contact.It provides rapid and accurate technical support for strengthening the management of key areas and key personnel.Basic information is reported within 20 minutes, core information is reported within 4 hours, and the flow adjustment report is reported within 24 hours.Starting from 15 o ‘clock on February 17, 2022, Hohhot organized the first round of nucleic acid testing in key areas. According to the standard of 1,000-1,500 people per sampling site and 500-1,000 people per sampling station, in relevant counties and districts,A total of 1860 sampling points and 3579 sampling stations were set up, and 6,715 medical workers were involved in sampling.By 14 o ‘clock on February 19, a total of 2,626,575 nucleic acid samples had been collected.Hohhot add 126 sampling points in the second round of testing, testing capacity of 350000 pipe in a second round of testing, Hohhot and add 126 sampling points, additional sampling staff 934 people, deploying 20000 tube PCR application three days detection and testing capability for a day, 50000 tube model gas laboratory, daily testing capacity can reach 350000 pipe.A total of 90 nucleic acid laboratory testing personnel from Wuhai city, Chifeng city, Tongliao City, Bayannur City, Xingunita City and Xilingol League were transferred from the autonomous region to support Hohhot to maximize detection capacity.At the same time, the whole nucleic acid testing information system ensures the fast, accurate and real-time monitoring of information input and nucleic acid testing “collection, delivery, inspection and report”, realizes the dynamic management and scheduling of the whole process, and ensures the detection schedule.Hohhot, the first round of the nucleic acid detection ability to day 240000 tube to improve the efficiency of detection, the key area in the first round of personnel in nucleic acid detection, Hohhot WeiJianWei coordinate seven third party inspection agencies, five open laboratory, transferred five PCR application, daily testing capacity up to 240000 tubes, according to 10:1 mix sample test, can meet the demand of 2.4 million test every day.Hohhot has designated all the residential buildings of confirmed cases as containment zones, implementing measures of “regional closure, staying indoors and providing door-to-door services” in accordance with the provisions of The State Council’s joint prevention and control mechanism on the implementation of precise control measures on adjusting the regional and classification standards of COVID-19 outbreak, and considering the risk of transmission of COVID-19 cases,Hohhot has designated all the residential buildings where the confirmed cases reside as containment zones, and implemented measures of “area closure, stay indoors, door-to-door service”. Other areas in the communities are designated as containment zones, and people are prohibited from leaving the communities and gathering together.Hohhot seal control patients hospitalized guaranteed control area in order to strengthen management control area health care, Hohhot for traffic control, the control area of hemodialysis, tumor radiation and chemotherapy, patients with chronic diseases such as to continue in the original treatment hospital screening fever clinic, special cases such as the original no fever outpatient treatment hospital, patients abrupt change require referral treatment, etc.,In principle, it can be transferred to local tertiary general hospital for treatment.Emergency critically ill patients in containment and control areas should be sent to the nearest level-III general hospital for treatment, while non-critically ill patients should be sent to local comprehensive medical institutions with fever clinics for treatment.The pregnant women and newborns in the containment and control areas will be treated in the municipal Maternal and child Health Hospital.▎