Flowers, water, mountain climbing, qianjiang these fresh spring scenery waiting for you

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Yangchun February, willow germination, distant mountains such as dai, warm spring sun gradually bright, peach blossom, cherry blossom, pear, plum flower, rape is trying to grow, gradually in full bloom.So, take the spring breeze, explore these fresh spring scenery of Qianjiang Scenic area together, and see what are the punch points.Guancun scenic spot: see the water to enjoy the flowers, full of spring breath riverside green grass, river water quietly flowing, stand on the bank of the Apeng River, watch the river water slowly flowing, river wind gently blowing cheeks, the air is full of spring breath.The plum flowers in the garden are blooming, clusters of small flowers standing in the rain, contending for beauty, gorgeous as before, all kinds of stamens competing in full bloom, so that a quiet winter park added a wisp of vitality.Zhuoshui Scenic spot: Fresh and elegant, dialogue with spring After spring rain washing Zhuoshui Scenic spot, fresh and elegant.Through the first order of green stone, chlorophytum is flourishing, willow branches sprout, as if in dialogue with spring.The red wall waai between the continuously smoke, showing a pious wish, the best wishes made, sincere wishes of the heart.Small south China Sea: distant mountains such as dai, such as poem picture scroll distant mountains such as Dai, spring flower wins snow, spring water is sentient, li Hua is in full bloom, a breeze blows, flowers and branches vibrate, fallen petals are colorful, and behind the smoke spring water, dai-colored castle peak intertwined into a poem picture scroll.Upstream news reporter Xu Ju