Big news!Meng Wanzhou public appearance, hong Meng concept stock outbreak!Real estate plate lift limit tide

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On the morning of March 28, the Shanghai Composite Index recovered 3200 points, led by coal and real estate sectors.By the midday close, the Shanghai Index was down 0.13 percent, while the Chinext index was down 1.63 percent, according to China Securities Taurus APP.Liquor, lithium plate adjustment.Real estate stocks reappear batch limit, coal, oil and gas plate up, agriculture, steel, financial plate strength.Northbound capital net purchase over 1.6 billion yuan.Coal stocks rose in the morning of March 28, the coal plate continued to pull up, Yankuang energy continued to record highs.Shenhua Hong Kong shares surged nearly 9 percent during the session, while a-shares rose more than 8 percent at one point.March 25, China Shenhua disclosed financial results, 2021 to achieve operating revenue of 335.216 billion yuan, a year-on-year growth of 43.7%;Net profit attributable to shareholders of the company was 50.269 billion yuan, up 28.3% year on year;Basic earnings per share 2.53 yuan.The company continues to practice high dividend, and plans to pay “10 dividends of 25.4 yuan” to all shareholders, and distribute cash dividend of 50.466 billion yuan, accounting for 100.4% of the net profit attributable to shareholders under the Accounting standards for Chinese Enterprises in 2021, and the scale of cash dividend reaches a new high.Guotai Junan comments that the company dividends exceed expectations.Real estate plate lift tide real estate plate lift tide, tianbao infrastructure out of 9 even board, Tianfang Development, China Real Estate, Xinda real estate, Yudevelopment, China Happiness and other more than 10 stocks trading limit.As of the midday close, Tianbao Infrastructure at 6.97 yuan, has been up for nine consecutive days, the turnover rate of 11.60%, 1.287 million lots, trading value of 874 million yuan.Data shows that Tianbao Infrastructure is mainly engaged in real estate development, property leasing, property management and other businesses.Analysts said that tianbao infrastructure is located in the real estate industry in the recent policy warm wind, the release of many positive signals.Related stocks in the real estate sector have done well.According to THE China Securities Taurus APP, the Hongmeng Concept index rose 5.21% by the midday close.Plate jiulian technology once up by the daily limit, as of midday close up 18.17%, chuanzhi education up by the daily limit, embellish and software up more than 14%.Google has stopped certifying smartphones made by Russian company BQ that run Android management because of US sanctions.The company is already testing the Hongmeng operating system from China’s Huawei.In response, Huawei said it has no plans to launch HarmonyOS phones overseas at this time.In addition, Huawei will hold a press conference for its 2021 annual report on March 28 at 4:30 PM.Huawei’s rotating Chairman Guo Ping and Huawei’s vice Chairman and CFO Meng Wanzhou will attend the performance presentation.It is worth noting that this is also Meng’s first public appearance since returning to China.Original title: Huawei heavy news, Meng Wanzhou afternoon public appearance, Hong Meng concept stock outbreak!Leading stock 9 even board, real estate plate lift tide source: the paper