Yuezi rice wine juice, is yuezi mother New Year’s best appearance

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When “confinement” meets “Spring Festival” how to do?Well, of course it was jubilant and noisy.This Spring Festival is a double joy for new mothers.Is in the face of the attack of delicacies, often do not know how to choose.Because if it coincides with the production shortly before the Spring Festival, it is inevitable that you need to sit in the first month of the New Year. Although the most delicious food is not lacking at this time, the mother of the month will always have many dietary restrictions for her cultivation and the health of her baby.Therefore, what to eat and how to eat is especially important for mothers who have just given birth and coincides with the Spring Festival.Wowo Yuezi rice wine is the product of Chengdu Julong Biological Technology Co., LTD. It delivers this warm and festive gift to the arrival of the Chinese New Year in a delicate, safe and high-quality way.It not only has high quality formula and traditional fermentation methods, but also has the feature of eliminating alcohol, so that mothers can enjoy this kind of rice wine on The Spring Festival.Similarly, Wowo Yuezi rice wine juice is not only edible for yuezi mothers in terms of quality and elimination of alcohol, but also a food that must be eaten during the period of yuezi.In fact, monthly care is about “arranging, adjusting, supplementing and nourishing”, so monthly food should not only meet the physical recovery of mothers and the nutritional needs of babies, but also help mothers lose weight quickly and quickly restore to the best body state.And in many families in order to let the puerpera have enough nutrition and enough milk, will give bao Ma big supplement, especially during the Spring Festival is conditional for puerpera to eat several eggs a day, all kinds of health soup is also an endless stream.During the recovery period of yuezi mother, this wowo Yuezi rice wine juice can give her excellent body care. It is an excellent choice for mothers to eat wowo Yuezi rice wine juice during the month, which can replenish qi and blood, nourish milk, eliminate edema, build body shape and expel lochia.So that mothers can enjoy the delicious at the same time get happiness and appetite.Get back to your best while creating new life and welcoming the New Year.This period of time in the face of all kinds of food, which can eat?Which ones can’t be eaten?How should you eat it?How much is best?These are difficult topics.People’s taste varies from north to south, sour, sweet, bitter, hot and salty according to local conditions.Such a day passes for a long time, not only the mother of the month feels that eating has become a burden, the child is also difficult to get adequate nutrition.Wowo Yuezi Rice wine, as a yuezi product with no alcohol and zero addition, is made by simple fusion fermentation of water and glutinous rice to create a safe and reliable simple taste.And because of its high quality by the majority of families with mothers.’s confined rice wine juice of the material selection is made from cold north latitude 44 ° were black gold planting with jilin ShuLan glutinous rice, using folk could and industrialization of Chinese herbal medicine could scientific ratio, craftsmen with skilled technology for over 30 years heritage ancient technology to brewing, strictly control the quality, eliminate alcohol, with authentic not add’s confined in rice wine juice let lili mother rest assured.With the baby born, the new mother can enjoy motherhood to the fullest.At the beginning of the New Year, the whole family also enjoy the joy of reunion.Streets showing off the color of five yan, red and green lanterns, all bathed in the dawn of late winter and early spring.Every new family at this time with their children rushed to the festival and hope.And life also seems to quietly give them some guidance, the emergence of the moon mother in addition to indulge in food, can also let the body with the usual refreshing, which is probably can think of, the best look of the New Year.