Wang Peng appeared in MCG training games, 2004 team to comeback, substitute league JUFU accept punishment

2022-07-18 0 By

PCL training matches are becoming more and more frequent when the spring matches start. There are matches every afternoon and evening. Most teams in the league have started training matches, among which MCG, CTG and GFY resume training matches are the latest.The change of the player does have some accident, after Paul peng wang to MCG team trial a cup (APL) in winter, but everybody thought just play in the past, the main players MCG has all the holiday, Paul peng wang and several other teammates are just temporary use MCG places to play the game, but I didn’t think this is Paul peng wang offered a trial.At present, MCG team does need to make changes. Firstly, in terms of personnel, the fifth man “Hang Hang” of MCG had no chance to play for a long time, so he had no choice but to try out for other teams. As a professional player, he definitely wanted to play, even if he was a substitute.MCG will need at least one replacement in the absence of a flight.As for the strength of some teams, the biggest advantage of MCG is that it is stable and not superior, but this is also their problem. In 2021PGC, you can see that MCG lacking explosive power is not even as good as KX team, so this is also the reason for them to make changes. In 2022, the points system will return to the main theme.Summer’s eye command may not be able to gain more advantages for the team, now all talk about marksmanship, they introduce Wang Peng also hope to leave an alternative plan for themselves.The last update on the team’s social media was half a year ago. At present, they have not officially announced that they have sold the PCL quota, so by default they still have the PCL quota, but the 2004 players are all new faces.Their core team builders LIBAI and Cold119 have already moved on to other teams, and they are likely to appear in spring 2022. The WUDU team that was strong in late 2021 suddenly disappeared, so it’s possible that 2004 didn’t sell them spots.Some JUFU youth players did not know the rules of the training match, and were punished with 5-day suspension for a slight violation in the match. JUFU then accepted and officially announced their roster. As expected, JUFU team was reorganized.The group of people who had been centered around Dajing and Boya were replaced by Xiao Grey, Hang Hang, Xiao Universe, Xiao Wu and Xiao Wu respectively.