Strong signals of efforts to stabilize the economy

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Beijing, Feb. 19 (Xinhua) –Topic:To stabilize the economy a strong signal of the Xinhua News Agency reporter AnBei open in the year of the tiger, in view of the current restriction of the industrial economic operation constraint problems and services industries some special difficulties encountered problem, many departments jointly issued 18 to promote steady growth of industrial economy and 43 policy to promote the development of services industries difficult recovery,It sent a strong signal that policy action was appropriately proactive and focused on stabilizing the economy.The industrial and service sectors play a key role in sustaining economic growth and stable employment.Over the past two years since the outbreak of COVID-19, some industries and sectors of the economy have been greatly affected.The current economic development is facing demand contraction, supply shock, weak expectations of the triple pressure.These policies and measures were introduced immediately after the Spring Festival to help market players enjoy policy dividends as soon as possible, help industrial enterprises cheer up and build up momentum for future development, support market players in the service sector to tide over difficulties, stabilize market expectations, and ensure stable economic performance in the first quarter and throughout the year.The 18 policies to promote steady growth of the industrial economy, focusing on fiscal taxes and fees, financial credit, supply and price stability, investment, foreign trade and foreign investment, land use, energy use and the environment, are intended to make further anticipatory fine-tuning and cross-cycle adjustment in light of the weak recovery of the industrial economy.We will take stronger and more effective measures to ensure that the industrial economy operates within an appropriate range throughout the year.Forty-three policies were adopted to promote the recovery of struggling service industries. In addition to introducing 10 preferential rescue measures, targeted rescue measures were put forward for the catering industry, retail industry, tourism, highway, waterway and railway transportation, and civil aviation.Specific requirements were put forward for governments at all levels to implement strict, scientific and precise epidemic prevention and control measures in response to prominent problems such as the escalation of epidemic prevention and control measures reflected by market entities.These policies are clearly oriented, highly targeted, and strongly supportive, and fully reflect the voice of market entities. They embody the characteristics of combining benefits for all with those of the industry, combining policies of the central government with policies of local governments, combining “blood transfusion” with “blood transfusion”, and combining enhancing enterprises’ self-development capacity with optimizing the external environment for their development.For all types of industrial and service market players, especially micro, small and medium-sized enterprises and individual businesses, it will be a timely rain.Good policies must be well implemented.Next, the departments and local governments at all levels to form resultant force, promote all policies early fall to the ground, early work, power is the real policy ahead of “nc” converted to boost confidence in the market main body, and stable development of the expected dividend “” policy, to stabilize the economy into the market, enhance the vitality of the development of” arm “and” acceleration “.Source: Xinhua