It looks strange, but I want to have a try

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Bicycles are complicated, and scientists have yet to come up with a perfect answer to how they survive.It’s easy to say, because if you know a little bit about the mechanics, you can build a bike and see what imaginative bike designs you have.Shoe bike: Instead of tires, this bike is equipped with 12 high-performance sneakers that make up two wheels.Other fare wheels, this fare shoe.Glide wheel: it looks strange, it’s me riding, and then the car is riding me.Push the cart while you’re running and make sure it doesn’t fall over.Chainless bikes ride much like single-speed bikes, with pedals connected directly to the rear wheels, which means you don’t need a chain, and the bike is shorter, which should be harder to control.Reverse tandem bicycle: well, who goes with the bike?I think it’s because electric power bikes are so expensive that people came up with this kind of bike, with an electric motor directly attached to the central axle, nice idea.Spring bike it’s hard to imagine what shape this car is in the process of riding, will it be like sitting sedan chair?The reverse bike, as its name suggests, goes to the left when you turn right.Since then, cycling not only improves physical strength, but also reflexes.Volkswagen Beetle bikes used to be called riding bikes, now they’re called riding cars.How can a buoyant bicycle cross the Yangtze River without a ferry?Ski bikes, which use skis as wheels and can glide freely over snow.What other imaginative bike designs have you seen?