Beijing media: The women’s soccer team wins Japan by spirit!When I was 14 years old, I saw my parents twice a year. Japanese players saw me every day

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The Chinese women’s football team defeated Japan 6-5 in a penalty shootout to reach the final of the Asian Women’s Football Cup.Watch the men’s soccer team cry, watch the women’s soccer team cry.Yue yuki: I looked at the discussion, the Japanese media and netizens thought that the game was dominated by ball control, cross cutting and shooting, but it was too conservative to change the back five after taking the lead.Chinese goalkeeper Zhu Yu received the most praise, saying that compared with Japanese goalkeepers, Zhu Yu is taller, has good judgment and gets down quickly.Coach of this team high cang substitution arrangement also have criticism!Some people think that Japan has degraded to 20 years ago, going to the World Cup will be difficult to compete against the world.Something like that.In fact, the current strength of women’s football is not better than Japan, this is just the moral support to win.Calm down.Don’t praise the sky when you get out of the Olympics, and scold the Netherlands when you lose 8.There are a lot of youngsters to look forward to.Lu Yang: the Japanese goalie was indeed shot on target twice and missed two goals. besides zhang ma kicked out one penalty kick, the other four were all set up and it was normal to be ridiculed.Sun Lei: The youngest girl in the team is Zhang Linyan, who was born in 2001.I once did a questionnaire and she answered that her “favorite stars” were Ronaldo, Messi and Tang Yan, and there were no female football players.That questionnaire included another question: “How much time do you spend with your parents on average each day over the course of a year?”Zhang’s answer: “Twice a year, ten days each time.”That’s a different unit of time than I thought of when I asked the question.She was 14 years old.The answer to this question by Japanese players mitani and Wanai, the same age, is: I don’t understand!They see their parents every day and football doesn’t have to take precedence over family life.More people want to excel in international football.We are all the same, on a day like this, at this level, at this moment when the goals are insane and inflated.You don’t have to compare it to men’s soccer.If you love women’s soccer and the sense of empathy they bring through their results, keep saying “well” to them for the next three or five years, regardless of their results.They deserve it.Beta view: It feels like Japan has taken a step back from the golden generation, has less control and doesn’t have a core team.In fact, about half of the Chinese women’s football team’s skills can be described as rough, but the overall tactical formation is very good, the fighting spirit can not be overblown.In addition zhang Xin this play is really good, quite a master level.The arrangement of shui Qingxia’s troops in this battle is also excellent. I think the course of this match is 80% in her plan.So finally, what do you want to say, I am Beta, welcome to the fans of the old friends of the message discussion!