12,000 jobs!Qingdao launched the “Green geese homing” action to attract Qingdao students to return to Qingdao for employment

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Qingdao News On February 11 (reporter Zhang Xiaonan) Yesterday morning, organized by the Organization Department of Qingdao Municipal Party Committee, the municipal Human resources and Social Security Bureau, shinan District people’s Government, the “Green goose homing” action of Qingdao students In the Spring Festival symposium held in Qingdao venture headquarters, marking the “green goose homing” action officially kicked off.It is reported that the purpose of this activity is to enhance the willingness of Qingdao students to return to Work in Qingdao and attract more Qingdao students to return to Qingdao after graduation to devote themselves to the construction of their hometown.This “Green geese home” Qingdao students New Year symposium, invited some Qingdao college students and parents representatives, institute of Oceanology, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Haier Group Co., Ltd. and other key enterprises and institutions to attend.At the scene, the industry and development environment of Qingdao, key talent policies and other contents were recommended, and the university student representatives present the “employment gift package” — “A Letter to Qingdao Students”, employment talent policy publicity postcard, internship and recruitment information, introduction of key enterprises and other materials.Representatives of key employers recommended enterprises and recruitment positions, and conducted on-site guidance for college students on how to make career planning and job preparation.The student representatives had a discussion with the human resources and social security department and the HR of the enterprise on the issues of job hunting and employment, talent policy and so on.Through the exchange, the students all expressed their love for their hometown and looked forward to coming back to Qingdao, making achievements in Qingdao and realizing their dreams in Qingdao.It is known that “green goose homing” action is to attract and encourage the Qingdao Qingdao Mohammedan blue by college students employment entrepreneurship an innovation measure, all levels of people club department will take the “five one” activities as the main line, namely, to issue a letter to Qingdao by college students, organize a job promotion activities, carry out an have a talent employment guidance and training, policy interpretation, to organize a workplace experience activity,By taking advantage of the opportunity for Qingdao college students to return to their hometown during the holidays, we will carry out a series of service activities through the combination of online and offline, so that Qingdao students can have a deeper understanding of the development and changes of their hometown, industrial characteristics and employment and entrepreneurship environment.At present, human resources and social security departments at all levels have collected 12,000 internship and recruitment positions from more than 710 high-quality enterprises such as Hisense Group and Tsingtao Beer Group, and the job information will be updated continuously.”At the same time, we will also join hands with the city’s key enterprises to carry out the Qingdao students famous enterprise travel activities, for Qingdao university students and employers to build a docking platform.College students can enter the special section of ‘Green geese coming home’ action on Qingdao Talent Network, browse and check the job information and activity arrangements, welcome students to actively sign up and participate.”Related person in charge of municipal Human resources and Social Security Bureau.