Stock market long-term stable average skill, master “520” magic skills, losses are always the main force

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A mature trader must eventually revert to the simplest and most primitive techniques.But a beginner can’t pursue simplicity. You must go through a process of cultivation, which is the foundation of growth.Just like learning martial arts, basic skills and routines can not be less, only the basic skills experience to a certain thickness, you are qualified to expect no move win have a good state.The fundamental reason why markets can exist and always trade actively is the unpredictability of prices. If prices could be predicted scientifically, there would be no trading at all.Since moves are largely unpredictable, you need to focus on consistent trading rules that put you on the side of the big numbers in this game of probability.The purpose of trading is not to predict the market, but to achieve the price difference, the source of the price difference mainly depends on the most basic principle of “do the wrong less loss, do the right more profit”, but also pay attention to self-control risk.This is the biggest difference between traders and analysts.There are no secrets to investing. It’s all about execution.When execution reaches a high level, you have an advantage.We do the stock is to buy and sell the problem, as long as buy low and sell high, you can make money, but the actual combat always appear “buy to fall” and “sell to rise”, “buy in the early middle of the decline” and “sell in the early middle of the rise” and other phenomena.Many investors also learn many techniques and methods, but the success rate is always low.The main source lies in the premise that does not grasp the method to apply, does not determine the nature of the market and the stock market accurately, does not grasp the relationship between quality and quantity.The stock market stabilizes for a long time average skill, master “520” god skill, of deficit is main force forever so called move average line, it is to point to inside certain trade time (day, week, month, year) arithmetic average line.Take the 5-day moving average as an example and add the closing prices within the 5-day period.Divide by 5 to get a 5-day average. By connecting these averages on a chart in sequence, the line drawn is called the 5-day moving average.The same goes for other averages.The number of days sampled is the parameter of the moving average, usually 5, 10, 30, 120, 250, and so on.Other averages follow suit.The number of days sampled is the parameter of the moving average, usually 5, 10, 30, 120, 250, and so on.Types of moving averages 1) Classification of short, medium and long term moving averages: People often refer to the 5-day and 10-day moving averages as short-term moving averages.A short average is more sensitive to price or index fluctuations than a long average, with faster ups and downs.In short – term operation or weak, people often take 10 – day moving average as the basis of short – term trading.People often refer to the 20-day (monthly), 30-day, 60-day (seasonal) average as the intermediate moving average.Among them, the use frequency of the 30-day average is the highest, and is often called the lifeline of the stock market.In times of strength, a break below the 30 moving average or a downward curve of the 30 moving average is often used as the stock’s last stop.Also often put the 60 day bending up or down as cattle, bear demarcation line!People often call 120 days (half-year line), 250 days (annual line) average long-term average.2) Average of ordinary portfolio at present, the stock market commonly used average portfolio has the following kinds: short-term average portfolio for 5, 10, 20 days,5, 10, 30 days two groups;The intermediate average combination is 10, 30, 60 days,20, 40, 60 days;The long-term averages are 30,60 and 120 days, and 60, 120 and 250 days.Combination of short-term moving averages.The most common combinations are 5, 10, 20 and 5, 10, 30.Short-term moving average portfolio is mainly used to observe the short-term trend of stock prices, such as 1-3 months of stock prices generally speaking, in a typical rising channel, the 5-day moving average should be the center of multiple protection, but the rising strength is limited;10 average is long important support line,10 average is effectively broken, the market is likely to turn weak.In the weak market, sentiment is low, weak rebound resistance should be 10 daily average;20, 30 moving average is an important sign to measure the strength of the short and medium term trend of the market,20, 30 moving average upward tilt can be short-term bullish, long.20, 30 downward tilt average, short – term, short.Intermediate moving average combination.The most commonly used combinations are 10, 30 and 60 days and 20, 40 and 60 days.The medium term average portfolio is mainly used to observe the medium term running trend of the market or individual stocks. For example, the market or individual stock average is relatively stable in 3-6 months, but stability itself is both an advantage and a disadvantage.Most investors focus on strategy rather than momentum and just want to find a quick way to make money without establishing the right way of thinking.There is no simple, straightforward, unchanging technique in this market, and there is no one-size-fits-all formula.Only the ability to cope with all kinds of changes in a comprehensive and dialectical way, and only the comprehensive analysis of various internal factors and dialectical external factors that affect the market development, can accurately grasp the market opportunity.Only on the basis of comprehensive, dialectical use of external factors to study the stock price in which process and which stage, and in different processes and stages to adopt a flexible way, can achieve the purpose of profit.The average investor often envies a short-termist.The real master, however, must be the master of capital application above all.He must be able to strike when he should, and his capital should remain highly mobile.Want to do this, must be good at giving up, be good at maintaining regular empty positions, so that at any time to capture the opportunity to attack a good stock.Therefore, there should be no “rope” in the mind of the master, and even if there is, it is only a few hours;Otherwise, it is not called a master.The biggest difference between ordinary investors and expert investors may not be in terms of skill, but in terms of mentality and capital use.Cows can’t untie the ropes themselves, but investors can cut the ropes themselves with a single knife.Only by cutting off this rope, can we truly enjoy the freedom and fun of the stock market. All big losses are caused by greed and fear, and the desire to make quick money and become rich overnight is the essence of greed and fear.Conservatism is easy to say, but it means not being jealous when others are making fast money and not backing down when your conservatism is repeatedly beaten by the crazy market.Ultimately, you need absolute confidence in your ideas and methods.And that confidence cannot be blind.Confidence ultimately can only come from knowledge, history and experience.Today to share with you here, want to know more wonderful content can pay attention to my hundred.Share it every day.Feel free to leave your views and thoughts in the comments section.Want to know more exciting content, come to pay attention to Lao CAI look at the market