Lighting on Weishan Lake helps people to use electricity during Spring Festival

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Qilu network · Lightning news February 4 – During the Spring Festival, there is such a group of people in weishan Lake, they shuttle around the lake, take pains to protect the electricity for the lake people.During the Spring Festival, weishan Lake ushered in the winter peak electricity consumption.Zhang Peibing, deputy director of maintenance area of Weishan County Power Supply Company of State Grid, and Guo Wanwei, his apprentice, are responsible for the maintenance of 23 high-voltage power transmission lines on the lake. Among them, the second line of Zhaomiao covers 15,470 households in four towns across the lake, namely Zhaomiao, Xiping, Zhanglou and Gaogao, and is also the focus of their maintenance during the Spring Festival.”You should pay close attention to such lines and increase the frequency of inspections.And you have to keep every rod position in mind.”On the way, Zhang Peibing told his disciple from time to time.During the Spring Festival, Zhang and his colleagues repaired the transmission lines every three days instead of every seven.In addition, they will also be in the lake tower tower maintenance.Climbing a 30-meter tower with your bare hands in cold winter weather tests not only stamina but also stamina.Zhang peibing must always keep an eye on Guo wanwei’s safety.”The windy weather in winter is more, coupled with the iron tower thermal expansion and contraction, it is easy to cause the loosening of the iron tower screw, every loosening will pose a threat to the iron tower, and even lead to a large area of power failure.”Zhang Peibing introduced.In order to solve electricity problems for the masses at any time, Zhang pebing and Guo Wanwei are on call 24 hours a day, sometimes going to work at 8 or 9 PM.Zhang peibing has spent every Spring Festival at his post in the past ten years since he joined the company. This year, he did not get together with his family.”During the Spring Festival, our personnel, vehicles and emergency supplies have all been in place, and we are on duty 24 hours a day for important routes in the Lake district.”Zhang Peibing said.As night falls and lights come on, zhang Peibing and Guo Wanwei are happy to see the bright lights of the 200-kilometer electric grid connecting villages and towns along the lake.”We are the ‘lights’ on the tiny mountain lake. With our practical actions, we will light up the road for the happy life of fishermen and ensure the safe electricity supply during the Funai festival. Even if it is a little bit tiring and bitter, it is quite worthwhile.”Zhang Peibing told reporters.Lightning news reporter Jia Xin Jining Taiwan phase Wang Weishan Taiwan Ma Guoqiang Jining report