After eight years without a PhD, the 30-year-old works part-time as a food delivery man: I have a clear conscience

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After a bowl of pork belly stew vermicelli, Meng Wei begins his day delivering food on a red-red Hangzhou public bicycle, carrying his food in a basket on the front of the bike and singing a broken Cantonese song into the wind.He was a stocky man with deep frown lines, often mistaken for someone in his 40s, when in fact he was only 30.Meng told nine Party news that delivering food was due to economic pressure and free time to balance his studies.In 2014, Meng Wei was recommended for admission to the Intelligent Sensing Institute of Control College of Zhejiang University, where he has been studying for eight years.Not long ago, he completed the graduation procedure because he had reached the delayed graduation period.According to a survey report released by China Education Online, the delayed completion rate of Doctoral students in China was about 46.5 percent in 2003, exceeded 60 percent in 2012, and continued to rise to 64 percent in 2018.Some universities announced in 2021 that 125 doctoral students would be expelled.Meng wei says he is in the same situation as a 30-year-old man with a bachelor’s degree and no work experience.”I’m far from alone. It’s very difficult for our group to go out into the world.”Meng Wei delivers food on the streets of Hangzhou.The idea of delivering food came to me when I was with my child in the hospital last year.My baby was born on June 4, 2021. Ten days later, the hospital issued a critical condition notice, diagnosed as explosive myocarditis, and he stayed in ICU for two full months.My wife was resting at home after childbirth, and I was alone in the hospital with my baby, sleeping in the car and in the corridor of the hospital at night.The medical bills in the ICU were often $20,000 a day, and although I had some savings from my PhD, and my wife gave me some of her savings, I was unemployed and stressed.At the end of this year, I realized THAT I would need to finish my degree and find a way out of my PhD while earning a regular income of my own.After the delivery, if it’s sunny, I’ll do a few more runs.Two days ago, it was raining all the time in Hangzhou, and the price was much higher on rainy days, but I was wet and cold and felt very uncomfortable. Later, I would not go out as long as it rained.In the evening, if I have enough physical strength, I will take orders for a while. Generally, I run about 20 orders a day, up to more than 30 orders.Sometimes, when I am tired of delivering food for three hours, I will find a KFC or Starbucks to have a video chat with my family, or visit some academic public accounts that I care about, such as the latest research achievements in technology and the latest models and algorithms in artificial intelligence.Before, do not make scientific research achievements all day long sitting in the house do not go out, people are very depressed, gloomy, often can not sleep at night anxiety.Now I ride my bike for exercise, get some sun and meet different people.After delivering the food, I fell asleep at 11:30 p.m. I never lost sleep.A lot of people say, you have a PhD, why don’t you become a tutor?At least $100 an hour.But when parents ask, I must admit that I am a doctoral student who has not graduated for eight years, no matter what reason, my study is a problem, it is not wrong.No parent wants to teach their child with an academic problem.In fact, some of my classmates have also introduced me to other jobs, such as investment banking internship.First of all, this is not suitable for my major. I have no experience related to finance and economy.On the other hand, MY time is not guaranteed.My first goal is still to get my doctorate, and a lot of things have to take a back seat to that goal.The biggest reason for me to choose takeout delivery is that I have flexible time, and I can also attend to the scientific research in the lab at any time.I do not want to earn more a day, 100 yuan, 150 yuan is satisfied.I know many students at school have questioned my Posting of short videos on social media platforms.Postgraduates’ topics on short video platforms don’t get much attention. I just post videos as a record of my life.How to say, do we media also have to look good, have yan, I was born without.There are zhejiang University doctoral student private letter consulting me, said that also want to deliver food.Some are idle, have reached the graduation task, want to go out to exercise, increase social experience.Some did not meet the graduation requirements, but also delayed, unhappy, want to make some money delivery, or release pressure, there are.Alumni ask about food delivery.Zhejiang University to do what?My high school is a provincial key high school, with the principal’s real-name recommendation system, to participate in the independent recruitment of Tsinghua university and Peking University.My grades have been relatively stable, but the school did not recommend me, I am very depressed and unhappy.Seeing that Zhejiang University has independent enrollment plan, I took part in it and successfully got the quota. I was probably among the top 1000 in Shandong Province in the college entrance examination and entered the engineering experimental class of Zhejiang University.Everyone in Zhejiang University knows zhu Kezhen’s question: “First, why do you come to Zhejiang University?Second, what kind of person do you want to be after graduation?”When we were a freshman or sophomore, we were not very clear about the direction of our lives, thinking that there were endless possibilities ahead, all kinds of choices.I also want to work straight out of college.Later, many teachers I knew said, “Oh, you must go to graduate school, society will have more and more requirements for degrees in the future.”I made a change and decided to go to grad school.In my sophomore year, I even prepared for the GRE and TOEFL exams for half a year and wanted to apply for studying abroad.Later, I thought it would be good to pursue a master’s degree in China, because our major ranked among the top several in China.The teacher said, have the intention of further study on the curriculum and graduation design.I really worked hard to complete my graduation project. However, I was not satisfied with the score given by my tutor. I applied for reoral defense, which was also rejected.In the year of graduation, there were 20 or 30 direct doctoral positions in our college, but only 4 postgraduate guaranteed positions. There were more than 130 applicants, but I could not compete with them.If I want to study for a master’s degree, I can only take the postgraduate entrance examination. However, I am so busy with minor majors, production practice of enterprises and graduation design, so I have no time to prepare for the examination.I would not reject the direct PhD, although I did not have brilliant academic research experience during my undergraduate study, only short-term projects similar to scientific research.But I think I have time to catch up, how can I make my own achievements in five years?During my first and second doctoral studies, I mainly worked on horizontal projects (note: horizontal projects refer to the research projects commissioned by governments at all levels and government functional departments, enterprises and public institutions, social groups, etc.).I led my undergraduate students to participate in the competition. I had a very busy life every day. I got up at 6 am and went to bed at 2 or 3 am.In the second year of my doctoral degree, I had doubts about my scientific research ability, especially when I saw that all three roommates had issued papers, while I had no scientific research achievements and had been doing horizontal work.At first, I was depressed.It was November 2017, and I remember it clearly. At that time, my tutor first suggested that I transfer to a master’s degree.I was repulsed. I didn’t want to accept it.I thought, the masters at my level have been working for almost a year.Three of my roommates went to the United States, Germany and Switzerland with the government funds.I looked around the people are on the right track, and their own still can not touch the rhythm of things, every day a person to go back, all day looking at the bedroom empty, low mood.For days on end, I had nausea and vomiting without warning in the morning.Sensing something was wrong, I returned to my hometown in Shandong province and asked a friend to prescribe medication for anxiety.After a few months of taking the drug, I was feeling a little happier, but my hormones were out of order and my weight jumped from 160 pounds to 230 pounds.I had a clear feeling that the path I wanted to take was no longer possible, and THAT I needed to reconsider the path I was taking, but the future was uncertain.After Posting my experience on social media platforms, many people questioned that I didn’t put much effort into academic work, and my resume was filled with student work. Actually, AT that time, I was a little disappointed about academic career.I also worked as a part-time counselor for undergraduate students as a senior.At that time, I was thinking whether I could stay in school or go to the ideological and political posts in colleges and universities.I also had some contact with the employment center of the university, which was also related to my own employment.I think I have a strong sense of purpose and planning.I am determined not to transfer my master degree, which may be influenced by my tutor.After my tutor got the professional title, he became the dean of the department of automation control.When the department became a college, he became its first president.Later, he became dean of undergraduate College and executive vice President of Chu Kezhen College.I also want to follow his path — to be a professor in the school first, and then to be a school leader.Moreover, giving up a PhD is a failure in the secular sense.I think I am capable, I am not willing, do not want to concede defeat.If I may offend many people, I feel that some doctors around me are not as savvy, understanding, innovative and learning as I am.I’ve been doing student work, taking honors, just to prove to my supervisor that I’m capable.I want to prove my ability, but I have not made progress in the scientific research field, so I want to prove myself in other aspects.I see many people on social media platforms say that I haven’t written a single academic achievement in eight years.I started to submit the paper with a three-point multiple impact factor, but the innovation did not meet the requirements of the journal.I also submitted an impact factor of more than 1 point, and the periodical party gave feedback on the review opinions. After modification and re-submission, there was no response.My supervisor asked me to write an urgent letter to inquire about the result of the paper, but the editorial department replied that it would not be accepted.It was quite a blow to my confidence and I didn’t get off to a good start.Later, I thought I would invest in the lower open source. The open source layout should be paid, and the research group should pay half, while I should pay half by myself. However, the academic circle is biased against open source.Later, I was not sure if I could do it as a result of the Doctor’s work and had no interest in doing it again.In the course of doing academic research, I always get negative feedback, no positive feedback.Meng Wei took part in social practice in the united Arab Emirates during the summer vacation.My current situation is that I do not have any work experience, 30 years old has not finished school, only a bachelor’s degree.I am by no means alone. There was a PhD student who left after 11 years, and even after 15 years, walked out of school alone with a suitcase.In the first year of delayed graduation, I took part in the school recruitment, and finally signed a third-party agreement with a state-owned enterprise in Nanjing. I started my job after graduation with an annual salary of 300,000 ~ 350,000 yuan.After three years, the offer still remained. The leaders of the enterprise cared about me and asked me when I would graduate.People around me will also care about me, I am reluctant to say that I have some academic difficulties, which I can not get over.These days, my cousin contacted me and told me that I was swiped by Douyin.Why am I delivering food? Shouldn’t I have a good school year?If you need money, tell him.I said it was fine, it was fine to deliver food, it was not to the point of making ends meet.I love face, vanity before, others say a word can not stand, feel the face can not hang.Last year, when I was in the hospital with my child, ONE night I rode my bike to run some errands. I was caught by the high beam of a car, which blinded me for a while and caused me to fall down in a ditch beside a concrete bar.After a life or death situation like this, some things just fade away and suddenly let go of the unimportant things.After some alumni understand my situation, want to transfer money to me, directly ask me 100,000, 200,000 is enough.I said the worst was over for me and I just needed to meet my normal living expenses. I couldn’t accept such a large amount of money.The money I make delivering food covers my expenses.My parents take care of my sick children and family, especially the medical expenses of my sick children, which they bear a large part of. My wife also has an income.My wife says all the time that you should go out to work and bring home the bacon.I may not look like I like her right now, but in the long run, MY conscience is clear.I have a great academic prospect, and I need to strive for it. It is no matter if I go to a state-owned enterprise. I have a doctoral degree, so the value I create, the influence I make and the contribution I make are all meaningful.After the Chinese New Year this year, I applied for the completion certificate, and there is another opportunity to renew my certificate. I have three years to complete my doctoral thesis, pass the standard, and exchange my completion certificate for graduation certificate and degree certificate.I had a chat with my teacher that day.I said I might do something less glamorous in the future, but I could see immediate income.The teacher said, it doesn’t matter, line out of talent, regardless of high and low.After I get my PhD, I probably won’t be thinking about delivering food anymore.Otherwise, I myself also feel a little overqualified, sorry for so many years of national training and funding for me.Sometimes WHEN I sleep at night, I dream about every bit of contact with my former teachers and classmates. I have had all kinds of dreams. When I wake up in the morning, I find my pillow is wet.I also dreamed that I graduated from my PhD, entered the corporate world, and woke up in the morning to face reality.Statement: The copyright of this article belongs to the original author, if there is a source error or infringement of your legitimate rights and interests, you can contact us through email, we will deal with it in time.Email address: