Opening up the last kilometer of financing channels, Webank helps the development of small and micro enterprises

2022-07-15 0 By

Small and micro enterprises always have three financing problems: “financing expensive, financing numerous, financing difficult.”How to solve these financing problems, people from all walks of life have been trying.Webank, the first Internet bank in China, provides an exploration direction for related industries with its unique innovative product — Weyanye Loan.Micro Banks micro Banks to “let financial pratt &whitney” for the mission, in solving the problem of small micro enterprise financing, spare no efforts, dare to try, accumulation of particles such as loan products of Internet product design, large data of risk control, digital marketing, such as pratt &whitney financial practice experience, in view of the small micro enterprise solution to build a set of new loans, is the “borrowed” micro model.Using this model, Webank has truly achieved point-to-point accurate access to small and micro enterprises, opened up the “last kilometer” of enterprise financing, and greatly expanded service coverage and accuracy.It is understood that webank has served 2.7 million small and micro enterprises and accumulated a lot of valuable experience since it launched the micro industry loan.On this basis, webank fully investigated and analyzed the operation characteristics and financing needs of small and micro enterprises in scientific and technological innovation, and launched the “science and technology innovation loan” in line with its characteristics, and provided financial support for small and micro enterprises in scientific and technological innovation and strategic emerging industries centering on the road map and industrial chain layout of national scientific and technological innovation.At present, Webank’s technical innovation loan service covers 19 provinces and more than 100 prefecture-level cities across China, attracting nearly 180,000 applications from technical innovation enterprises, effectively improving the quality of financial services for small and micro enterprises.In addition, WeBank’s “Enterprise +” launched the “Help Enterprises 100% public welfare Action”, and continued to help small and micro enterprises to make their voices heard, display their social value and convey the entrepreneurial spirit of the new era by taking a variety of measures such as filming exclusive videos of enterprises, opening photo exhibitions, assisting enterprises to appear on large screens and magazine covers.The role of small and micro enterprises in China’s economic society is self-evident.In the future, Webank will continue to improve its service level and quality, enrich and improve its service products, and provide beneficial support for the development of more small and micro enterprises.Source: