Open Toyota Vios, and then change to the Great Wall European shield cat, the old driver said: I just want to say 7 words

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If your budget is only five years ago 80000 multivariate, want to buy a home, good cars, Toyota vios, Honda fit large probability is not open around option, and now, in progress and the trend of electric from domestic manufacturers, in the price of 80000 yuan more homebred brand choices, such as the shielding cat is one of the best models,When the old driver finished driving the more traditional Toyota Vios, and then changed to the independent brand of the Great Wall European shield cat, after the test drive, the old driver said he just wanted to say 7 words.Appearance, Toyota vios still adopts the traditional design ideas, double deck of the air intake grille, on both sides of the mustaches decoration, coupled with the round model design, looks very household low-key, shielding the cat models because vios than the positioning a high level, therefore, the measurements on the Toyota vios full beyond the shielding the cat, and, thanks to the saloon design,In wheelbase and space ride, Vios has more advantages than black cat, but after looking at the appearance of The European Shield Cat, it is very impressive. The whole vehicle adopts a very lovely appearance design, which looks like a car for girls only. The two round headlights and the Logo of Euler fit the name of cat series very well.Enclosed the 10-day and adopted bump color type of car body design, look and feel younger, the vehicle while measurements is not high, but look slightly some founder, taste kind of earlier years beetles, the more the design of the urbanization is the most comforting is not how, but the domestic brands have their own design and modelling, and has obtained the good feedback on the market.Sit in your vios car, the interior design for familiar with Toyota’s friends familiar, gun barrel type of instrument panel, control of car suspension of machine screen, almost all the control of the keys are in the form of entity, coupled with classic snake shift gear, constitutes the interior layout of the entire vios, the interior is more convenient to use,But work with makings after years also no progress, a large area of black hard plastic, wide of the steering wheel and seats with low version of the fabric with full of cheap feeling, shielding the cat in the overall design train of thought to far in excess of the vios, dashboard and the design of the control panel using the screen type, three air-conditioning outlet of cylinder, plus rotary control air conditioning key,Make the whole car interior look very concise science and technology, although only a 80000 multivariate models, but work materials don’t lose the compact car, such as control USES the fur of work, and above the silver trim is decorated, and in the co-pilot have cat ears on your air-conditioning outlet style design, above the seat also has a pattern of cat,Keep the interior style and exterior of the whole car consistent.In terms of configuration, compared with the top matching ratio of the two models, Eurocat is about 8000 yuan cheaper than Toyota Vios, but it has more configuration such as lane departure warning, active brake, safety side air curtain, panoramic reversing image, 7-inch LCD color screen, remote start and a series of configurations. No matter which of these configurations,Even put Toyota high a level of Corolla, Lei Ling above, are also to get out of the configuration, so in the cost performance, European shielding cat in safety, comfort, use convenience in a comprehensive way beyond Toyota Vios.Toyota vios and the shielding cat whether vehicle positioning, dynamic form and brand attributes are belong to different factions, but both have a good positioning is domestic open type, therefore, on the motivation and drive sex, who can truly achieve stability, cost savings, who is the real good car, Toyota vios still USES a 1.5 -liter engine self-priming, a maximum of only 112 horsepower,Matched with a CVT continuously variable transmission, the Eurocat is equipped with a front-mounted single-motor layout, with a maximum of 61 horsepower and pure electric drive.On the loading capacity, Toyota vios or more reliable than the shielding cat, first of all, the Toyota vios quality of maximum load of 380 kg, belong to the standard of small loading capacity, and the shielding cat weight 280 kg, vios hundred kilometers oil consumption is only about 6 litres, a whole tank of Toyota vios range in 600 ~ 700 km, in contrast, the shielding cat,With a range of only 400km even in normal weather, vios has an advantage when it comes to long-distance travel or commuting, given the ease of charging, but Toyota’s fuel economy advantage has been replaced by alternative fuels.Conclusion: finish driving Toyota Viech, and then change to the Great Wall European shield cat, the old driver just want to say 7 words: “domestic car progress is obvious”.By comparing we can find that, in addition to the Toyota vios have an advantage on resale value, space, the energy consumption, configuration, sound insulation, noise reduction, appearance, and new energy from domestic manufacturers both direction under the same progress, joint venture brand basic using hybrid electric train of thought, on the pure circuit line and homebred brand again stand on the same track, so with the current price,If only the pursuit is home, good driving, a short period of time do not sell the vehicle, then, the Great Wall European shield cat than Toyota Vios can bring you more experience advantages.