Do you know the story of “Thousands of miles away” by Jay Chou?

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Do you know the content of jay Chou’s “Thousands of miles away” story?Why did he have to cooperate with Fei Yuqing?There may be a story in that song that you don’t know.Because the song “Thousands of miles away” is about Fei yuqing’s real experience.Fei Yuqing and a Japanese girl named Anai Qihui early love, they have even done a wedding party.It is in many public occasions to call the girl as fiancee, in this foot has stepped into the marriage hall of time, the woman’s home has put forward a special request, request Fei Yuqing to Japan and change with female surname.And asked Fei Yuqing to give up the cause of Taiwan to Japan.It is such an excessive request, Fei Yuqing had to reluctantly put down this love.Tell the girl if you come with me, stay here, stay in Taiwan.If you have to go, I’ll see you out.In the end, the woman chose to follow her family’s wishes.Fei Yuqing so watched the girl left “thousands of miles away.”In fact, fei Yuqing also often in the program to talk about the girl often mentioned in front of the persimmon tree.Fei Yuqing love persimmon, in fei Yuqing left, the girl will be on the doorstep of the tree all persimmon down to him.When Fei returned to Taiwan, she also planted the seeds in her yard.But none of them sprouted.Fei remained single in the end.In 2006, Jay Chou accidentally heard fei yuqing’s story and was deeply moved, so he composed the song “Thousands of miles away” and invited Fei yuqing to sing the song together.At first Fei Yuqing also because of their singing style and Jay Chou is too big, smile refused.But fei broke down in tears after watching the song.Do not change nationality to prove that I am patriotic, life did not marry to prove that I love you.The thin future, I can only use a lifetime to wait.