Disrupt the order dance Diligo was banned, and win the popularity list, threatened to bring people to report the room

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In other words, the Spring Festival is not over yet, the head anchors of major live broadcasting platforms have returned to the broadcast.Recently, the network red anchor Shengzai returned to the broadcast, with dance To a popular vote to help fight, and finally Shengzai with more than twice the number of help to break the result of 100 million votes to win.In other words, the popularity of Dance Drigo has fallen sharply in the past, but this time the popularity contest is also warming up, with the popularity of the live broadcast room breaking 100,000 +.The long-lost passion is also rekindled, and the fans of The Disco have not shown the moment of cohesion for a long time.This popular vote is a little better than the winner, but the Tiligo is not too bad, the gap between the two sides is not that big.For dance di Ligo, the most important thing is that the popularity has picked up, although winning or losing for melon users is unimportant, but netizens still like to see the big anchor between the “war”.However in this popular vote after the duel, Dancing after the defeat seems to be a little unhappy.Dance di Ligo said his power number is 52 thousand, victory son there reached 120 thousand said to continue to play.Then he said that he would be the “sea” in the future, and would lead people to report someone’s “computer room”. He would start to study it and see if he could give you an understanding of it.And win son is in the broadcast room to ridicule the whole network on their own “room”, originally he has withdrawn from the popularity list, but the end of the year must play a game.Dance liguo feel oneself was bullied, oneself all “hide to play” did not grab resources with who, you still want to “step on” he play, this has been several times.Wu Di Li ge said that he would begin to play the role of “bad guys”, under the broadcast also to find the platform tube tube “room” things, if the platform regardless of his own search.Obviously dance dili ge is also very unconvinced, take people to report the room, this is the idea of a “fish dead”.Subsequently, Dance tirigo enumerated Ma on Shan, Henan these places, frankly he has been clear about it, to expose the “high-tech” all.Dance Dili ge bluntly, the popularity of the whole platform anchor are declining, why on the popularity of the son broadcast not decline, your home broadcast content is so good, in the end how to return the heart did not count it.But Dance ligo said a self-contradictory conclusion, he said which broadcast room more than 100,000 popularity, help the number of people can reach 120,000?The next day, the platform’s operator told him he was about to be banned for seven days, saying he had disturbed public order.Dance dili ge blunt play very suffocated, blunt justice will only be late, but never absent, seems to care about refers to win son will be with him.Some dance Drigo fans for the platform punishment dance Drigo is also very confused, frankly why the closure with what.But after the brief start of The dance Disco, the live broadcast was terminated, the live broadcast rights were cancelled and the state was blocked.Dance dili ge was banned reasons, must be obvious, he openly in the broadcast room to take people to report other anchors, is obviously instigated fans “lead war” of the rice circle behavior.In fact, it is understandable that the platform banned the dancer, and if it did not allow him to rest, it would certainly set off an online “war”.After Udigo was banned, many netizens expressed support for the platform’s decision.And dance Tirigo popular vote against the son, not so affected by the rhythm of the platform punishment.