Careless people lost mobile phone police quickly solve the case

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“Your work is really too responsible, I did not think the mobile phone can find back, you are really a good police for the people!”On the afternoon of January 24, Ms. Lu’s husband will be printed with a “people’s police for the people, lost and found warm” banner to the changbai County border police station in the hands of the police, sincere thanks to the police quickly find the lost mobile phone.Changbai Border police station received a report that a woman with a baby in her arms left her mobile phone in a taxi at around 19 PM On Monday.According to Lu, she got on the bus from jiefang Store, got off at Fulong and went to the supermarket to do some shopping.Police stations in line with the interests of the masses no trivial original intention, do their best to solve the people’s worries.In order to restore the loss of the masses, the police on the way to the surveillance video review one by one, after analysis found that the mobile phone was picked up by the taxi driver.Later, the police searched the taxi driver’s information through the system. Through simple communication, they learned that the phone was picked up by the taxi driver and promised to immediately send it to the police station.Get the lost mobile phone, Miss Lu grateful, to the police repeatedly thank.”This is what we should do, as long as we get it back. Next time, we must take care of our belongings.”The policeman urged.Police remind: the general public when going out must take care of their belongings, especially wallets, mobile phones and other valuables, careful custody, to avoid loss, once found missing property, to timely alarm.Reporter Guo Xiaoyu editor-in-chief Meng Fanjie Shi Wei Han Tieying editor Chi Ruibing