Attention!These sections in Shangdang district will be strictly controlled

2022-07-15 0 By

In order to further improve the level of urban road traffic management, strengthen the investigation and control of road traffic violations, and give full play to the typical demonstration role, according to the actual road traffic management work in the main urban area of Shangdang District,Changzhi City Public Security Bureau Shangdang Branch traffic police brigade will be set up as the following 6 sections under strict control of sections, now the publicity is as follows: 1, Yingbin Street (208 National Road to South Hero Road section);2. Xinjian South Road (Yingbin Street to Guqiao Street);3. Xinshi Street (xinjian South Road to Zhengda South Road);Iv. Zhendong West Street (208 National Road to Guangming Road);5. Fuhou West Street (Guhan North Road to Guangming Road);South Hero Road (from Lidu Street to Zhendong East Street).The traffic police department of public security will strictly comply with relevant laws and regulations to strengthen the control of tightly controlled sections.At the same time, please the majority of traffic participants civilized travel, law-abiding travel, to create a safe, smooth, orderly, civilized road traffic environment.January 25, 2022