Preparing to leave the Lakers?Lebron James is open to returning to the Cavs.But only if you get a maximum salary?

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All-star weekend is supposed to be a time for stars to relax, but apparently lebron James, who is in the final stages of his career and is obsessed with glory, is having a hard time putting his mind to it when his team’s record is low and even a playoff spot is not guaranteed.For now, James is still one of the league’s top stars, as his All-Star status shows, both as a starter and as a team captain symbolizing his continued competitive prowess, but even so, the prospect of a tough schedule for the Lakers after the all-star break doesn’t make him happy.In this fickle era of what happens when a star isn’t happy on a team, it’s clear that James Harden’s two team changes have ripped the last of the FIG leaf out of a player’s relationship with a team.Anthony Davis frequently injured is almost with facts to tell all the people he is not a high quality title, partners, the lakers are going to struggle the last 20 or so games of the regular season to qualifying for the playoffs, but whatever the outcome, Davis’s injury is always a “time bomb”.As a matter of fact, the Lakers are no longer a title favorite this season or next.If he doesn’t win with the Los Angeles Lakers, it’s tempting to wonder what lebron James will do at the end of his contract in the final stages of his career.In fact, in the interview, James already expressed his attitude about the future.James laid the groundwork for his departure from the Lakers and expressed his rejection of the middle class.– Lakers forward lebron James spoke with Veteran Cleveland sportswriter Jason Lloyd after all-star practice, telling him he’s open to trying out new possibilities at the end of his contract and that the Cavs are a good option.”The door is not closed on that matter.I’m not saying I’m coming back. I don’t know.I don’t know what the future holds for me.I don’t even know when I’m free.””I think those guys do an unbelievable job of drafting and making trades.I thought the deal for Aaron was great.Garland is a big-game player.And I think love’s role elevates those guys. They see a veteran player who’s willing to sacrifice and come off the bench and do his job.I’m not surprised by any of their performances.”As for James, he hasn’t completely given up hope of eventually becoming the NBA’s first player of all time, and the fact is that once he can win one or two more championships, he will have a lot of fans and media supporting him beyond Michael Jordan in the future.If he were to retire at this point, he would be stuck in second place in history. After all, despite his other accomplishments, the number of championships and FMVP would be his eternal “wounds.”, of course, many people think that even if James slide in the cases in the future, if he accepts the middle of the contract, he is also likely to follow the team to a championship, but it is not he want, most of the stars in the “old” are not willing to become a player does not matter, including kobe Bryant, Allen iverson and other players.That makes it all the more valuable that a player of Vince Carter’s or Carmelo Anthony’s caliber can finally accept a backup role and a minimum salary contract.Lebron James’s goal is clear. He values accolades for the chance to surpass Jordan, not the number of titles he can accumulate, and obviously those titles won’t add anything to his standing in history if he doesn’t dominate.So, James made it clear that he has no intention of accepting a mid-level contract, even though he will become a free agent in the summer of 2023.”I missed my contract basketball.I won’t accept anything less than a Max contract when I come back.Colligate James’s requirements, we will find that he had left the lakers do the opinion for the future of bedding, the pursuit of honor is not a sufficient cause of disgrace, especially to the twilight of his career “veteran”, 2023 years later, his condition will be more serious than the slip now, this may is his last chance.Clearly, James still wants to do something this season, and he doesn’t think the lakers’ season is over.”I like the way we’ve played the last few games.After the trade deadline, the energy in our locker room shifted.I like our performances in the last two games.I hope we can keep the same energy.I’m a leader of this team, obviously it starts and ends with me, and we move forward from there.”At this point in his career, James knows that the final season is no longer a distant topic, so he has been outspoken in interviews about his desire to play on the same team as his son.Browne, James’ oldest son, was born in October 2004 and currently plays for his high school team. Of course, if he stays in college for a few more years, James will have to stick around for at least three more, at the ripe old age of 40.”I’m going to play with Brownie in my last season.Wherever Brownie plays, that’s where I’ll be.I would do anything to play with my son for one season.It won’t be about money.”As it turns out, it’s hard for a team to Max out a 40-year-old veteran, so James will probably have to take the minimum at that point.We can’t wait to see the father and son playing together.