Mr. Yin Ruiyao: The Lantern Festival poem two

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Poking above the blue word “voice” of tumed tumed sound of voices welcome tumed welcome Lantern Festival festival atmosphere for text/more sunset remain yuanxiao festival lanterns float in The Times square view lamp between urban and rural areas people or under the streets flying the dance song yangko as with land boat go stilts step taken night fireworks gongs rang to the drift of prosperity and beauty long yuanxiao festival make good article/more cloud costume colourful clothing stilts dance Jennifer, cerebral cabinet topYangko sound in the land boat walk lion dance gongs and drums new square people wandering tides decorated with lanterns all over the world to celebrate the Lantern Festival bustling silent earth Spring Festival Yin Ruiyao, pen name Sang Yu Wanxia, is China Yinshan writers network writer.Tumed left banner people.He has been engaged in teaching and education in primary and secondary schools.She has been teaching Chinese in junior and senior high schools for a long time.After retirement, he published his personal memoirs “Past Is always in Memory” and “Collection of Essays” and other works.Like writing essays, novels and poems.In recent years, many essays and poems have been published on such networks as Chinese Yinshan Writers Network, Today’s Toutiao, Chinese Toutiao, and The Voice of Tumed.A number of modern poems were compiled into a collection of poems by Ren Ruixin, founder of “The Voice of Tumed”