Long March street held 2021 annual Party committee (general branch, branch) secretary grasp grassroots party construction work review conference

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In the afternoon of January 25, the Long March street held 2021 annual Party committee (general branch, branch) secretary grasp the grassroots Party construction work review and assessment conference.Street working committee deputy secretary, office director chaired the meeting, hu district party committee organization department minister Yang to guidance, street team members, leading cadres metre, the communities secretary, deputy secretary of the party construction ZhuanGan, street organs all cadres, jurisdiction “two represents one member” and the basic unit party member masses on behalf of a total of more than 70 people attend the meeting.The meeting conveyed the spirit of the conference for the provincial, municipal and district party secretaries to focus on the grassroots Party construction work in 2021.Each community party committee (general branch, branch) secretary of the conference on duty, street Party working Committee Wang secretary to each community for a year to grasp the party construction work carried out the situation one by one comment, talk about results, point problems, rational thinking, seek development, objective and relevant, seeking truth from facts.After the end of the briefing, the participants of the party organization secretary to grasp the grassroots party building work carried out a democratic assessment.The meeting pointed out that in the past year, the party organizations at all levels in the neighborhood adhere to the leadership of Party building, pressing the main body responsibility, deepening the study and education of party history, the political function of the party organizations in the community is further highlighted, and the organizational power is further improved.However, there are still some problems that the transmission of responsibility is not strong enough, its role is not obvious enough, and the integration of Party building is not deep enough.At the meeting, secretaries of party committees (general branches and branches) should take this review as an opportunity to learn from each other and fulfill their responsibilities as the first person responsible for party building.First, we need to take a clear political stance and forge ahead with greater confidence and determination.We will continue to strengthen political construction and enhance the ability of community-level Party organizations to “guide the direction and manage the direction”.Continue to deepen the practice of “I do practical things for the masses”, and effectively transform the achievements of party history study and education into concrete practice of serving the people;We will conduct intraparty political activities in a strict manner, and ensure that strict party oversight and self-governance are implemented.Second, we need to focus on implementation and embark on a new journey with a more energetic attitude.Closely around the party’s sixth plenary of the 19th and the city spirit, in the 9th congress of area at the ninth party congress put forward the development strategy of “six area” and “four cities” development goals, adhere to grasp key, short, strong or weak, constantly promote the city construction and grass-roots governance, epidemic prevention and control, urban civilization created, the depth of fusion, form powerful grass-roots party construction work together.Third, we must shoulder our responsibilities and work hard to fulfill our duties in a more pragmatic manner.Street team members to the above rate, layer upon layer compaction under the role and responsibility, from the global guidelines to grasp scientific, effective and highly efficient computerized community work, the party committee (USA, secretary of the party branch) to grasp the basic party as the first responsibility, unity to lead the members of the “two committees” to a more full of enthusiasm and high morale, a more pragmatic style of work, tenacious struggle, forge ahead,Constantly open up new prospects for community-level Party building.(Edited by Youhua Wen and reviewed by Yuanyuan Zhang)