Hockey Junior episode 10: Coach Chen takes Chen Che as an apprentice

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Chen Che limped out of the game, the in the mind was very sad, he did not understand why Shen Zhouzhou ignored him, also went to the university of Technology as a rival.Shen Zhouzhou heart is not good, he went to Qiao Mu’s shop, asked Qiao Mu school teammates, also asked Chen Che seriously hurt is not serious, Qiao Mu advised Shen Zhouzhou calm down to communicate with Chen Che, their two people ten years of friendship nothing is indigestible.Simple the north training list published, there is no Chen Che’s name, Chen Che hurried out to ask the reason, simple let him look in the mirror, because the last United Nations game, Chen Che was almost broken, worried that Chen teacher saw him angry, simple let him calm down to reflect.Chen Che went to the hospital to visit Coach Hu, he gave Coach Hu a shave, praying that the coach can wake up early to continue to take them to play the game.Companions went to the north training camp, but Chen Che is not on the list, Shen Zhouzhou know the news personally to find coach Chen, he introduced Chen Che to coach Chen, said he was playing from childhood to big friends, know each other’s potential.Shen Zhouzhou is not social in the new school, many teammates think he is withdrawn, back home sister and father do not understand him, Shen Zhouzhou feel depressed, specially went to Chen Che grandma to eat noodles, re taste grandma’s face, Shen Zhouzhou heart mixed feelings, closed he helped grandma push back together.Chen Che had words are deliberately said to Shen Zhouzhou listen to, want to let Shen Zhouzhou continue to stay abroad to run a good future, did not expect that words but deeply hurt Shen Zhouzhou.Chen Che hovering in Shen Zhouzhou home for a long time, ringing the doorbell hand still did not press down, Shen Zhouzhou saw him upstairs, directly under the order of departure, former good friends are now like this, two people in the heart are not the taste, Chen Che at night in the pet museum bed toss and turn.Coach Chen went to the youth arena found Chen Che, see his skilled, if it is good to practice hockey, decided to forget the past to accept Chen Che as an apprentice, Chen Che immediately apologized to him for the impolite before.The director of teaching found that their school’s ice hockey performance is always not up, even the funds are no longer issued, the director found Yi, gave her a business card to ask her to find sponsorship, the director has said, if the ice hockey performance is still behind, the school hockey team will be banned forever in the future.Easy for the players worried, she said from now on to increase the amount of practice.Chen coach about Chen Che and Shen Zhouzhou practice on the same day, two people meet, Shen Zhouzhou still ignore Chen Che, when the game is secretly competitive, coach Chen deliberately arranged two people in a team training.After practice, Chen Che began to find words to pull Shen Zhouzhou to eat small noodles, Shen Zhouzhou refused directly, Chen Che asked Coach Chen, the next practice shen Zhouzhou will not come, coach Chen also dont understand.Two players, training time is late, simple is very angry, let them directly to do push-ups corporal punishment, the players feel easy recently requirement is very strict, head away and never look back, the simple is very suffering, she clearly is good for everyone, now already did not have the training ground, if still no progress, even completely gone ice hockey team in the future.