Calligraphy lovers from both sides of the Taiwan Strait visited xi ‘an Forest of Steles

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Xi ‘an, April 6 (Xinhua) — “Ancient open new brilliant books — Xi ‘an Forest of Steles Cross-strait Book exhibition” officially opened in Xi ‘an Forest of Steles Museum on June 6, a total of hundreds of cross-strait calligraphy works on display, calligraphy lovers from both sides of the Taiwan Straits also through online communication.This activity is for people from all walks of life on both sides of the Taiwan Straits to collect a total of more than 1600 pieces of works, selected by experts, divided into middle school group, university group, social group and other three groups, selected 101 award-winning works, including 51 works from the mainland, 50 works from Taiwan.In addition to the above prize-winning works, the exhibition also shows 20 calligraphy works written by 15 famous calligraphers from both sides of the Taiwan Strait for this activity.Exhibited works with LinXi of xi ‘an forest of steles museum collection of stone inscription as the main content, involving of, nationalities, and line, grass and other style, or majestic, of primitive simplicity is thick, or refined meaningful, message, shows the calligraphy lovers of the forest of steles hidden stone on both sides of the Taiwan essence and the understanding of the cultural charm, embodies the ancient calligraphy lovers LinXi name stone inscription on both sides of the Taiwan post of the art language.The exhibition will be exhibited in The Forest of Stele Museum in Xi ‘an for one month before touring Taiwan.With a history of more than 930 years, Xi ‘an Forest of Stele Museum is a thematic museum based on the Forest of Stele and the Ancient architecture group of Xi ‘an Wenmiao.There are about 4,000 tablet tablets and nearly 1,000 pieces of stone carving art from the Qin and Han dynasties.