Point the sword at Elfa!Nissan’s new MPV shot overseas, with its own “big sofa”, domestic energy fire?

2022-07-13 0 By

With the rapid development of automobile market, MPV market has become a major hot spots, especially in China, the competition is becoming more and more intense, between MPV can cater to the current two foetuses, just need three families, having said that, must have a lot of people think of buick model, such as Honda Odyssey is selling business MPV, in addition to the above brand,Toyota, Kia, Hyundai and other joint venture brands have also joined the competition in the domestic MPV market, creating interesting MPV models such as Sena, Ka Wah and Kustu, and today we are talking about the latest MPV model of the Nissan family — Nissan Elgrand.Said nissan Elgrand, I believe that most people don’t understand, after all, since the birth of this car has been sold in overseas markets, eye-catching performance to win the support of the broad masses of overseas customers and recognition, especially on the expression of space and comfort, highlights the advantages of the nissan family, build the advanced ride comfort for passengers.At present, the latest Nissan Elgrand has been unveiled overseas, and exposed a group of photos of the actual performance of the new car, let’s take a look in detail.Appearance, new nissan Elgrand adopted the latest design language, nissan family before the face of design is very chic, very large area of the grid under the adornment of a lot of chrome plated element is particularly striking, bring visual attack at the same time, also revealed a solemn atmosphere, on both sides of the headlamp unit by chrome plated details closely connected with the middle grid, bring delicate sense at the same time,It also stretches the horizontal visual tension of the front face. In short, the front face has a very strong field of energy, highlighting the visual sense of some flagship luxury cars.Body side, the design of the new nissan Elgrand conventional lots, and was not decorated too much, the modelling of the very full, look slightly swollen, blackened processing of B and C column create the effect of the suspension roof, large size more radial hub is very cool, the adornment of the chrome trim tie-in dress upper position, create a kinetic side,The tail design is a lot more complex, especially the taillight. The segmented through taillight has been decorated with chrome elements, and the effect after lighting is particularly eye-catching. At the same time, the high spoiler and the rear surround have been decorated with black plastic materials, further strengthening the movement of the tail.In terms of size, the new Nissan Elgrand measures 4975/1850/1815mm in length, width and height, and has a wheelbase of 3000mm. Its performance is as good as those of mainstream business MPVS, which lays the foundation for spacious interior space. In terms of seating layout, the car adopts a 2+2+3 7-seat layout.The seats are wrapped in leather, and the seats are fully filled with heating, ventilation, massage and other functions. The second row of independent seats use a more wrapped structure design, but also added a leg support function, sitting like a sofa, showing the advantages of the Nissan family.Interiors, a new nissan Elgrand continues the consistent design language, nissan family contracted layout for intermediate revealed a little advanced, panel materials are honest, USES a soft leather material package, seam detail processing is very delicate, very solid work, large size of the LCD screen, LCD instrument is for intermediate points, brings the sense of science and technology at the same time,Also has a good function and practicality, three type multi-functional steering wheel using leather package, grip is extremely outstanding, as for the configuration, is not clearly announced, but it is certain that the performance of the configuration should not be bad, the configuration is basically equipped with.Of power, a new nissan Elgrand continue a family has always been the good tradition of self-priming, carrying two 2.5 L and 3.5 L is self-priming engine, the power section, is to match the CVT transmission gearbox, delivering 170 horsepower and 280 horsepower respectively, and also equipped with four-wheel drive system, the power is completely meet the basic daily needs.In general, the performance of the new nissan Elgrand adequately, hard power, no doubt, if can d domestic will inevitably to the whole of the domestic business MPV market have a big impact, will to a great extent, restricts the, el method such as the price behavior of models, about the new nissan Elgrand, everybody can think domestic sales?