Is TCM pulse accurate? Is TCM pulse accurate

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Is TCM pulse accurate? Is TCM pulse accurate to see a doctor?Remember three sentences: overall examination, the combination of the four diagnosis, combination of disease and syndrome, these are the basic principles of TCM diagnosis.However, it is generally believed that TCM diagnosis is to look, smell, ask and cut, which is good, at least one third of the right.The most outrageous is the Chinese medicine pulse as the only Chinese medicine diagnosis, it is best to go to the silent, direct pulse, and then accurately tell me what disease, this is the magic doctor.However, even if the four diagnosis and reference, there is a saying: look to know that god;To hear and know is holy;The teacher who asks and knows;The word “work” comes from “Nanjing”.Bian Que was called a miracle doctor because he could see huan Gong’s illness at a glance. It was true that he did not feel his pulse. I believe han Feizi was not lying.All of the pulse superstitious muddle-headed, is the TV show to see many, look at the old Chinese medicine with white hair shaking head, mouth has words, so, also want to find such a magical doctor in the world, for their pulse, and then medicine.But does this kind of Traditional Chinese medicine really exist? Yes, in the remote mountains and forests, in the remote countryside…That’s what you want, that’s what happens.For example, the unit wants to expel you, you can’t think of food and drink, can’t sleep peacefully, how to treat, feel pulse?In this case, if you seek a doctor of Traditional Chinese medicine, remember ah, just said three points, one can not be missed, otherwise it will be inaccurate ah, inaccurate diagnosis, how to talk about cure?However, when we go to the top TCM doctor, we give you no more than three minutes. Is the diagnosis accurate?And very not easy to find the magic doctor, registration fee several hundred yuan, I still do not take some medicine, at least a month of it.But the disease is changing ah, no syndrome differentiation.But I do. It’s prescribed by a miracle doctor.Some patients recover, not so much from the medicine as from the spirit.Some people take Chinese traditional medicine is half an year, even a year, even a few years, it is self-healing after all, or take medicine?